Ms. Wheelchair Texas


POSTED: Monday, April 15, 2013 - 9:18pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - 7:23am

A young lady from Flint is following her dream of wanting to compete in a pageant.

Her journey is just beginning.

Olivia Levoy is your typical 20-year-old girl.

She attends TJC, loves country music and her 25 cattle.

Levoy also grew up watching Miss America and Miss USA and strived to be one of them someday.

"It's just not beauty you got to have the brains with it and if you don't have the brains for it, you couldn't be one of those girls and that's what I always strived to be is to have the beauty and the brains," said Levoy.  

But, at age four she was diagnosed with a type of muscular dystrophy and knew she wouldn't be able to compete in those kind of pageants.

Her mom and grandma heard about Miss Wheelchair USA and told her daughter she should apply.

And in November while driving to a test at TJC, she found out the good news, she won Miss Wheelchair Texas.

"I pulled into a parking lot and just busted into tears reading it and I called my mom and we started crying together and a month later I got the crown and the sash and all of that in the mail."

She is now busy preparing for the nationals in Ohio.

Levoy has to complete a number of service hours, prep for interview questions and build up her platform.

She has decided to focus her platform on motivational speaking.

Levoy hopes to inspire both children and adults to stop the bullying and embrace your differences and never give up on your dreams.

"It was put in my mind by my mom that I can do whatever I want and I've lived by that and I don't let anything stop me even the wheelchair because it can't stop me," said Levoy.  

And her mom and grandma couldn't be more proud.

"Olivia is my rock she's my best friend so I am very proud of her and she's my inspiration to get up everyday and do everything," said her mother Amanda Levoy.  

Levoy already has her dresses picked out. Her fashion inspiration is Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire.

She also plans on attending Texas A&M next year, majoring in agriculture and hopes one day to open her own business and possibly write a book.


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A very inspiring and pretty young lady with whom all peoples with a disability would be proud to have her representation. Her "can do" attitude is indicative to many who are disabled yet misjudged because of their inability to navigate the terrain as easily as others. I expect we will all be hearing much more from Olivia as she proves that brain power is a persons greatest strength.

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