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Mystery at Tyler Junior College solved after 18 years

 Mystery at Tyler Junior College solved after 18 years
Thursday, July 18, 2013 - 7:01pm

A stolen statue was suddenly discovered and sent back to Tyler Junior College.

The statue is of long-time TJC President Dr. Harry Jenkins.

On Thursday, the TJC President Mike Metke announced the valuable piece of history is home.

Easter Sunday in 1995 campus security noticed the statue was gone, and near it police found tire tracks.

We're told at least two people were involved in stealing the statue.

In 2002, Bernado Trevino found the statue in an apartment unit in Austin.

The name of the artist was engraved on the statue which Trevino search on Google for years trying to find a connection, so when Tyler authorities opened the case in 2011 it made headlines.

In recent months, Trevino searched again and found out that it was from Tyler Junior College, and on July 3, authorities responded.

"Certainly the most memorable president in our history and it's nice having him back here in a place of honor in Jenkins Hall where he can look over the lawn, we think Dr. Jenkins would be very pleased," says President and Dr. Mike Metke, Tyler Junior College.

"We went to Austin and had him picked up, the Chief and Jason Wahler our lead investigator when up there and found him and brought him back home," says Thomas Johnson, Tyler Junior College, Campus Police.

"He presided over legendary growth and development and really established what I considered the finest community college in the country," says President and Dr. Mike Metke.

President Dr. Mike Metke tells KETK, Dr. Jenkins served as TJC's president from 1946 to 1980.

Jenkins was the longest-serving president in Texas.

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