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Nacogdoches ISD to get new computer operating systems and other technology advances

Nacogdoches ISD to get new computer operating systems and other technology advances
Nacogdoches Independent School District
Monday, July 15, 2013 - 2:51pm

Nacogdoches ISD students will return this fall to technology advances that include upgraded computer operating systems, availability of instruction through mobile devices and the opportunity to check out iPads.

Upgrades currently in motion are in addition ot the usual summer cleaning performed by the NISD technology department. Student accounts at the distrit's schools are wiped clean and have been recreated as part of the yearly maitenance.

The entire district steps up a level for 2013-2014 in PC computer operaating systems, going from Windows XP to Windows 7. Four computer labs at the Nacogdoches High School are among those where Windows 7 is being installed. The school's computers also will have their drivers, anti-virus software and network information updated.

Thomas J. Rusk Academy of Fine Arts and the Martin Education Center for Achievement went through similar upgrades.

The district’s magnet school known for its work with technology, Emeline Carpenter Academy of Technology and Science, will implement even more.

Digital signage being installed will feature flat-screen televisions to display text, video and more. Teachers and principals will be able to display school and district announcements, play educational videos and , later in the year, will give parents access to touch-screen technology to look up information about their child’s teachers.

The NISD network picks up speed through another project. Its Wide Area Network (WAN) will go from 100 MB to 10 GB to run 100 times faster throughout the district.

Technology integration in daily learning also speeds ahead in 2013-14. NISD will unveil its new mobile device program for students at Nacogdoches High School and the Martin Center. The mobile device will offer an additional instruction measure through the iOS and Android Mobile platforms.

The program allows teachers to add assignments through DropBox software that can be completed by students with mobile devices connected to the school network. If a student does not have Internet access outside of school, he or she can download instructional materials while at school and complete the task at home.

“The purpose of this is help the students bridge the gap between the learning devices that we give them and the devices these students use every day,” Wiggins said.

Students without their own devices may request to check out one of 1,200 iPads recently purchased by the district. In the future, the mobile application will have the ability to expand its plug-ins and have the capability to translate to other campuses in the district.

For any questions about the technology updates or programs around the district, call Jason Wiggins at (936) 569-5000 ext. 8847 or send an e-mail to

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