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Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - 7:25am

NASA makes new discovery with Hubble Telescope


POSTED: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 - 4:07am

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - 11:37pm

A big announcement from NASA of a new discovery by the Hubble Telescope.

On it's website, NASA says scientists have pushed the Hubble Telescope to its limits, and have seen further back in time than ever before.

The announcement coincides with research that will be published by the Science Journal Nature.

NASA hasn't revealed anything else about the discovery, but late last year Hubble sighted a galaxy scientists say dates back to when the earth was only 600 million years old.

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im a newbee and realy interested in space,big bang physics on human evolution,it was always my interest since i was a like 7,always wondered wats up there and how did it come about and why does it have to b that way

you have to be a total mindless moron to believe the big bang "theory". I guess there is a "believable" explanation of why animals that supposedly turned into humans aren't doing that anymore? lol...totally stupid people,get your head outta your a**!!!

Come back when you have a degree in Integrated Information Theory which in a simplified form states that a closed system does not contain enough information within its system to explain itself. There must be an entity completely outside of the system to explain the system. You may, with your degree in physics, want to ponder the foregoing.

You may want to ponder the fact that nothing about the big bang theory asserts that the universe is a closed system. The only thing it says is that the universe was once in a hot dense state and has since then expanded and cooled. Also, in astrophysics a zero-energy universe is allowed to exist, not requiring an entity outside of the system to have created it. And it's starting to look like we live in a zero-energy universe.

I can't believe anyone even believes Nasa, something created by Nazis! It belongs to the department of defense/military applications-period. NBC preaches the hoax of free speech! What about chemtrails- your sons and your daughters breathing it in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell the pilots about it also, conditioned to just follow orders without asking questions!!!

I can't belive anyone even believes nasa, something created by nazis! belongs to the department of defense/military applications - period.

I think the article meant to say "when the _universe_ was only 600 million years old".

The Earth was 600 million years old only about 4 billion years ago. The Hubble has seen much further back in time than 4 billion years.

I thought something was fishy about that number. Silly typos.

It's even funnier to see evolutionists trying to explain what preceded the "Big Bang."

Evolution is a theory of Biology. It only starts with life. The Big Bang theory is the product of the theories of Einstein's Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, both theories WORK quite well, that's how we know they're TRUE. The gross oversimplification of "nothing" "exploding" is completely inaccurate and only used by uneducated hicks. Come back when you have a degree in Physics.

<3 <3 <3 I love looking back in time with Hubble. :) It's funny to see young earth creationists trying to explain the starlight problem.

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