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National Adoption Month: Tyler family shares their blessings

Monday, November 11, 2013 - 7:50pm

In honor of National Adoption Month KETK introduces you to an East Texas family who chose to adopt.

They say it wasn't easy, but it was a blessing.

KETK’s Teresa Sardina visited with the Clore family of Tyler, who let God guide their choice to expand their family.

The clores have three little boys and we've been asked by the Clores not to show video of the kids due to privacy.

This Friday, November 15th, is a very special day for them because they will be at the Smith County Courthouse to finalize their third adoption.

"It has truly been a blessing to have these three individuals in my life," says Karel Clore.

Having a family means the world to Chris and Karel Clore of Tyler.
"My wife and I got married and of course we wanted to have kids and we were unable to," says Chris Clore.

The Clores have been married for eight years.

"We knew there was something else out there for us."

So they decided to leave it up to God.

"We got with Children's Methodist Home and started doing foster care."

In the last three years, God brought threespecial gifts to them through adoption.

Three-year old Tyler, two-year old Patrick and one-year old Erin.

"There's nothing it to have somebody call you mommy, if I didn't have faith I wouldn't have started the process, having to go to through the experience of infertility it's more painful than I would have ever imagined," says Karel Clore.

The Clores tells us, the process wasn't easy with interviews, applications and waiting, but they got a message from up above, and they want parents who are thinking or planning to adopt to open their hearts and accept the same message they received.

"To being open to a child in need of a home and parents," says Karel Clore.

They tell us, that's how they know their three boys were intended for them.

"God said I'm going to form this family, and here we are we couldn't be happier I could not have planned it better myself I could not have given birth to three more beautiful children," says Karel Clore.

The proud parents told me when they look at those boys, they don't look at them as their adopted kids because family is family.


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