National Bullying Prevention Month

National Bullying Prevention Month

POSTED: Monday, September 30, 2013 - 10:30pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 30, 2013 - 10:44pm

Schools, organizations and communities are coming together in October to fight against bullying which is a form of abuse.

It's a problem in schools, workplace and in the home.

Shelly Judd, Director of Parent Services Center in Tyler shared some sad facts; a study from Barbara Coloroso.

  • More than 1 and 3 middle and high schools students say they don't feel safe at school.
  • Close to 30-percent believe it's ok to hit or threaten someone who makes them angry.

"The vast majority of children never report it, you're going to see a child who is bullied pull back, they're going to with from school activities and not want to be at school."

"It's not hard to understand why kids commit suicide, teachers ignore it and principals do absolutely nothing, I have parents that go to principals sort of ya ya ya," says Cason-Parks.

Tyler ISD tells KETK, this issue is addressed through out the school helping kids understand that reporting bullying in not being a tattle-tale.

"It just doesn't happen in school, now these kids have electronics so these kids are harassed with texts, emails, voice mail Facebook," says Cason Parks.

"We do have a class on the 22nd of this month helping kids make good decisions which helps them understand what to do when they're bullied," says Judd.

"Those kinds of wounds are the kinds you carry with you, it isn't like you leave high school and college and everything is cool, it is not cool, because the question becomes 'Why me'?", says Cason-Parks.

The Bullied, The Bully and the By-Stander- You Can Make a Difference, by Barbara Coloroso.

Seven Kinds of Bullying:

People who lack empathy
Needs to dominate others
Hot tempered
Defiant, aggressive toward adults
Refuse to accept responsibility.
Use others to get what they want.

Three Types of Bullying:

70% is verbal

Physical bullying accounts for less tha 1/3 of all bullying REPORTED.

Relational Bullying-most difficult to detect: includes ignoring, isolating, excluding; shunning.

Warning Signs:

Abrupt lack of interest in school

Refuses to go to school

Grades drop

Does something out of character

Withdraws from activities

Has torn or missing clothing

Steals money from home

Is sad, sullen, angry or scared after phone call or e-mail.

Stops talking abour peers, prefers to play alone or be with adults.

Bullying Workshop in Tyler- Parent Services Cente in Tyler, October 22.

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