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Monday, February 27, 2012 - 10:00pm

Tomorrow's Michigan primary is a must-win for Mitt Romney.

If the polls are accurate, Romney's chances for a victory in his home state have improved since Rick Santorum revealed his passionate Christian conservatism on social issues.

Santorum's one-time lead in Michigan polls has vanished.

He and Romney are now tied.

In a restaurant near Detroit, the reaction of some was negative.

"I think Santorum is too extreme. You hear some of the things that he says about his views and I think he's too extreme," said Amy LaFleur.

Some are switching back to Romney.

"Very disappointed in Romney, naturally, being from around here, but I'm strill going to vote for him," said Gary Ray.

Romney, born and raised in Michigan, campaigned about jobs and charged Santorum has not.

Arizona also holds a primary tomorrow.

Romney is the favorite there.

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