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Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 10:53pm

Neighbors shot at after chasing alleged burglary suspect

Thursday, September 4, 2014 - 6:55pm

Hector Garza has lived off Curtis Street next to Dreak Scott for several years. Scott and Garza’s children are close friends and they both describe their neighborhood as peaceful and quiet.

But over the past few weeks, neighborhood has been experiencing a spike in car burglaries. The families weren’t going to stand for it. They formed a neighborhood watch program having different people stay awake during rotating hours. They were on the lookout for whose was breaking into cars.

Their hard work paid off. This morning while the families were getting ready for work Gemini Garza saw a suspicious person circling his friend, Dreak Scott’s, truck. He immediately called Scott who rushed out the door only to witness the thief break his car window and then take off down the street. Scott ran after him and chased him through several streets before the thief jumped a fence.

Gemini Garza and his dad weren’t about to leave their friend outside alone. They hopped in their vehicle to follow the thief’s partner. A black male driving a dark blue or teal Cadillac. They followed the truck through several streets in the neighborhood before the Cadillac reversed its position and was facing the Garza family. At that point, both were on Dennis Drive, just a few streets over from the original burglary location. That’s when it became even more dangerous.

The driver of the Cadillac shot at the Garzas five times. They immediately ducked down in their vehicle to avoid being hit and then drove off to get away from the gun fire. Minutes later police showed up and the Gemini Garza walked them through the events that had just taken place. Neighbors on Dennis didn’t see much, but one woman talked to KETK and told us she was in her backyard and distinctly heard five gun shots.
KETK spoke to members of the Garza family who were involved in the shooting events and Dreak Scott. All of them say they would do it again if it meant keeping one of the “bad guys” off the streets. They’re satisfied their hard work and paid off and are anxious for police to catch the shooter.

If you see anyone matching the description of the Cadillac, please call Tyler Police.

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