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Never too early to plant your spring garden, even with cold temps

Never too early to plant your spring garden, even with cold temps

POSTED: Sunday, March 2, 2014 - 10:30pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 - 5:24pm

Many East Texans are thinking about their spring garden, in fact some people are wondering when is the best time to prep their garden especially with the recent cold blast and rollercoaster weather.

We stopped by Blue Moon Gardens in Chandler, co-owner Sharon Smith says it’s never to early to plant your spring garden. She says don’t let the cold weather prevent you from getting in the dirt.

“With our summers being so hot, it’s fabulous to get plants establishes early because as it gets dry, it gets harder to maintain the, so the earlier they go in, if they’re hearty and able to get established then the rooted system is rooted well,” said Smith.

Nurseryman Kendel Webbing says, it’s better to plant now before it gets too hot. “Although it’s cold now and soon it will warm up all the time and many things you plant in your garden are perennial anyway.”

Smith says, know the flower, the fruit or vegetable that you’re planting, pick the right area for best results and most importantly build a good foundation. “Soil is key in planting always, you can save money on plants, and spend your money on soil and get better results because soil is the key to everything.”

Smith and Webbing encourage East Texans to get out, get inspired and grow something because the sun will be shining in no time.

If you would like gardening tips you can contact Blue Moon Gardens in Chandler.

13062 FM 279 Chandler, TX 75758



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Is it ok to plant in the snow and ice?
I'm think'n with the freezing temps my tomatoes won't hold up.
Any suggestions about what to do?

Crouch over them and wait for spring

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