New ammo already sold out

New ammo already sold out

POSTED: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 - 10:30pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 11:54am

A new powerful bullet hit the firearms market Tuesday. In fact it has impressed the firearms community so much one vendor sold out in five minutes. It's ammo many people want to get their hands on for self-defense.

The ammo is G2R R.I.P 9MM 96 grain hollow point ammo, which has eight shards and has three angles that taper to a point.

"It expands like nobody's business, it's an awesome round," said Robert Quates, Firearms Instructor at Lock & Load Shooting Range in Tyler.

The ammo is designed by Georgia based G2 Research. The distributor is "AmmoZone" in Flippin, Arkansas which is currently selling the bullet in store- only. Pacheco can't ship the product from AmmoZone, but it's sold through their online vendors.

Folks at Lock & Load tells us that's the ammo they'd like to see on their shelves. "Anything that's better for the end user to protect themselves why wouldn't you want that," said Quates.

Pacheco says, it's different than any other ammo because it's solid copper rod and has the ability to penetrate through sheet rock, plywood, sheet metal or glass.

"Once it hits it breaks up and transfers all this energy into your target, which is a plus because you need all that energy to hit your target, gives you a lot of trauma," said Quates.

The 20 round box is retailing around $45-55, and bids are be placed for more than $200. Pacheco says, in the next four to six months the rip will be available for 40 and 45 calibers.

We're told it's the last round you'll ever need.

If you would like to learn more about the news ammo G2R R.I.P, please click the link below:

G2R Research:



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That is because our guvmint done closed the last lead smeltering plant in the country. Does it surprise any true patriot? Any components of personal security is being more and more regulated and difficult to meet. This is the entire reason a set of colonies revolted against their leader across the ocean, and began this place. It is also the stepd Hitler and Stalin put in place before they slaughtered 11 MILLION people, not including all the soldiers and civilians killed in war.

Ammo is high enough now, can't believe anyone would pay over $2.00 a round for Ammo. You can only kill something so dead.

Ammo is high enough now, can't believe anyone would pay over $2.00 a round for Ammo. You can only kill something so dead.

I would be concerned with how the ammo feeds. there's a lot of jagged edges, and I'd tend to think that some guns won't be reliable with this ammo. I'd like to see them send a dozen boxes of ammo to hickok 45 to run full auto and see how it feeds.

Uh.... DPX, made by Corbon, is also solid copper. Expands well even through coats, jackets, denim, etc..

Using copper is nothing new.

Bet the new ammo is 2 bucks a bullet. On thing folks, remember it is wise to shoot at least 50 round of the ammo you intend to carry to make sure the gun functions with it. So that makes this a $100 test of your gun. And if it won't function... you are out a hundred bucks.

I am more interested in how well you can shoot than what gun or ammo you pack.

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