New flashing lights cause confusion at Tyler intersection


POSTED: Tuesday, July 29, 2014 - 6:45pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 30, 2014 - 12:18pm

City officials added new signal lights to the intersection of Paluxy and the Loop here in Tyler. However, not many residents knew what the new signal meant. A flashing red arrow was added to get the attention of drivers on side streets who have become too comfortable with the “right turn on red” rule.

Drivers making the right-hand turn are getting in constant collisions with drivers making u-turns on the main streets. The drivers on side streets are pulling out too quickly before yielding to those making U-turns who have the right-of-way.

City Officials told us the flashing red arrow is new technology and will hopefully get the attention of those drivers. Employees in the shopping center located at that intersection say the frequently see horrible accidents. People are constantly honking their horn and trying to navigate the turns and believe the flashing arrows will help.

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Tyler drivers are easily confused. I think it's a reading comprehension problem. These whines sound like the same complaints the whiners made when the amber left turn arrows were activated. The instructions are right there at the light- read them. And many of these same people vote!

This is about the most stupid waste of taxpayer money Ive seen, Whos brother sold this crap to Tyler. Sure makes Rockwall, Dallas areas safer to drive in. Tyler Is like the stone age when it comes to traffi and roads, Did I say corruption?

Its not that the double flashing arrows are confusing, its the u-turns caused by those (good for us ) medians that are confusing.There was a time when one stopped at a red light went forward at a green light and the car to your right had right of way. But not so much anymore.
I swear if someone declared that a horse apple strewn intersection was best for traffic flow, the city would start waving money and yelling first dibs,we must be the first in the country to have it.

The state laws more so say unless a sign prohibits then u turns are legal but only when safe to do so. The blinking red light arrow I am not so sure because people are stopping but then going again the signs need to simply say at every right turn that you must yield to u turn traffic problem solved... also the debate U turning at red light in Tyler unlike other places all medians are past the white line marking the intersection once you cross that line on a red light it is an illegal maneuver.

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