New session, old problem...roads

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - 6:16pm

Here we go again, another special session is on the way.
The reason is, no deal could be made to pay for Texas highways.
And the reason is simple.
We have an expensive problem and no will to deal with it.
“The governor has said he’s very serious about developing a new resource for transportation, and I think he’s right in doing that,” says District 6 Representative Matt Schaefer.
And we are headed into a third special session for this legislative year.
The reason is the roads you drive on.
We need a lot of money, and the supposed agreement over the weekend only provided about one-fifth of it.
And still they couldn’t get it done.
That’s because, no one is courageous enough to talk about revenue.
“This doesn’t solve our problem,” says State Senator Kevin Eltife. “This is only taking money we have. This only solves 20% of the problem. And we need about 4-billion a year and it’s gong to take new revenue.”
“There’s ways to do it, but Perry has said we don’t want to do anything that generates new revenue,” says Harvey Kronberg, editor of the Quorum Report.
“Some of us would prefer tolook at some of these existing resources first. And how we could better utilize them before looking to raise taxes.”
“If you play a zero sum game, the money comes out of education, the money comes out of nursing homes, the money comes out of prisons, whatever it may be,” Kronberg says.
“I still say, the conservative thing would be to raise taxes, pay cash and have no debt,” says Eltife. “And at some point we’re going to have to get back on a pay as you go basis.”
And we can’t borrow any more.
We’ve hit our debt limit.
“The question is not always, do we have to raise taxes?” Schaefer replied. “What other parts of government can we adjust, combined with the economy growing, to meet the need.”


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