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Monday, March 2, 2015 - 9:31pm

Nikolas is ready for his new home

Friday, February 21, 2014 - 11:09pm

By now you've heard the story about Nikolas, the rescued pitbull from Gregg County.

When he was first brought into the shelter, his collar was wrapped so tightly into his neck, it was embedded into his skin.

A little more than a week ago Nikolas was taken to Tyler for treatment by Dr. Gary Spence.

After 10 weeks of laser treatment Nik is now running around, being rambunctious, fun-loving, and just being a dog.

The cuts that bore deep into his neck, are now ready to have more of the stitches taken off, a product of the ever advancing technology in vet science.

"Healthcare has become so much better in veterinary medicine the animals are all living longer now and with this longevity people are expecting more and with more were giving them more," said Dr. Spence.

Nik's laser procedure is just one of many medical practices which has started in the veterinary profession, and jumped to human healthcare.

"Now that the healing aspects of the laser is coming out, I think you're gonna see more and more on the human side," said Dr. Spence.

A lifetime of neglect hasn't broken this animal's spirit, and takes the next step into his new life with a good bill of health, and a ringing endorsement from the man who put him back together.

"He 's very friendly, he's very people oriented, of course he's a pitbull, pitbull's bet a lot of bad reps but this guy here it totally, one hundred percent, good rep," said Dr. Spence.

Nik will be ready to be released either next Monday or Tuesday, and will head back to Gregg County to spend a week or so with a foster family, before he's handed off to his new owners.

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