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NISD hosts combined campus UIL contest

NISD hosts combined campus UIL contest
Nacogdoches ISD
Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - 10:22am

Nacogdoches elementary schools joined together for friendly competition as 126 students participated in the annual Nacogdoches ISD Elementary UIL Contest held at Stephen F. Austin State University on Thursday, May 16, and Friday, May 17.

The two-day event allowed students to display their knowledge of scored events – creative writing, spelling, storytelling, ready writing, number sense, and music memory – and provided a fun environment for teacher sponsors to brag on their students.

Gifted and Talented District Coordinator Jo Lynn Corley organized the event and reiterated the focus of the competition, declaring each student a winner because they gave 110 percent and did their “very best.”

Each student received a participation ribbon and first through sixth place medals were awarded to the students finishing with the highest scores.

Complete UIL Awards:

2nd Grade Creative Writing:

1st Kasia Driver Nettie Marshall

2nd Tanner Wigington TJR

3rd Oscar Tinoco TJR

4th Keyri Garcia Nettie Marshall

5th Ben Nicholas Fredonia

6th Sydnie McClain Raguet

2nd Grade Storytelling:

1st Jalyn Hewitt BQJ

2nd Molly Harwell Nettie Marshall

3rd Elina Page Fredonia

4th Cody Claude Raguet

5th Slater Boaz Carpenter

6th Shayna Ellsworth TJR

4th Grade Number Sense:

1st Stuart Beal Raguet

2nd Jacqueline Romero BQJ

3rd Aniya Scott TJR

4th Adan Garcia BQJ

5th Dylan Morris Nettie Marshall

6th Gustavo Castro Fredonia

3rd Grade Ready Writing:

1st Brandon Marones Nettie Marshall

2nd Jen-Asia Pleasant TJR

3rd Sean McCartney TJR

4th Evelyn Garcia Nettie Marshall

5th Joshua Simpers Fredonia

6th Hannah Meija Fredonia

3rd Grade Storytelling:

1st Jayla Gossett TJR

2nd Celeste Parker Fredonia

3rd Denia Venegas Raguet

4th Tony Hernandez Nettie Marshall

5th Abigal Galvan Raguet

6th Alma Corona BQJ

3rd Grade Spelling:

1st David Barclay Raguet

2nd TIE Jasmin Diaz BQJ

2nd TIE Jocelyn Spies Fredonia

4th Aaron Ferguson TJR

5th Colton Ward Nettie Marshall

6th Briana Luna Fredonia

3rd Grade Music Memory:

1st Adriana Lopez Aguire Nettie Marshall

2nd Lorelai Parkhurst Raguet

3rd Nio Ajero Raguet

4th TIE Ashara Archangel Carpenter

4th TIE Tatiana Ervin Fredonia

6th Rachel Arroyo Fredonia


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