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"No job" frustration, depression for recent college grads


POSTED: Tuesday, June 4, 2013 - 5:25pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 3:55pm

For the class of 2013 college graduates, it's now "go time" when it comes to searching for that first job.

But many get a reality check they weren't expecting: the offers aren't coming in as quickly as they had hoped.

That can lead to plenty of frustration and in some cases, depression.

Jeff Robinson graduated from Baylor University in December.

Six months later, he still hasn't found a job.

"It's kind of frustrating trying to be qualified to get job, but I'm not qualified to get the job, so it's kind of this endless cycle," Robinson said.

Robinson is one of many young adults in the same boat.

National youth advocacy organization Generation Opportunity found the unemployment rate for Americans ages 18-29 is now 11 percent.

"I think the biggest surprise for college graduates is how long it actually takes to find a job," said Marilyn Albert, director of career services at UT Tyler. "The job market is very different right now. You need to have skilled people helping you with it. It's changed."

Albert has seen the slump recent grads can fall into while job hunting.

"This is real life very serious depression," Albert said. "And sometimes people will get in such a depression they can't get out of it."

Albert says it's important to utilize the career counselors at your college.

"In just one session, we can turn their life around pretty quickly in helping them get materials together," she said.

Set a plan for yourself to find part-time work first while you keep looking, or something close to your field of interest.

"I've set a date for myself if," Robinson said, still optimistic. "If I haven't been contacted by anyone by said date, I will get a part-time job."

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Oh, but the economy improves...I hear it everyday from the MEDIA ! Fake stock market, fake economy, fake democracy, fake elections, fake freedom....but real wars and real corruption in government.


The poor little collage students, WHO VOTED IN DROVES FOR OBAMA, now find they have no jobs. Remember, he has the most 'transparent' administration in history, and you voted for him... TWICE!

Just wait till you see Obamacare's cost and what it means to your pocket book! And how much social security taxes you will soon pay.

Well you voted for that hope and change so buck up and enjoy!

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