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"No more excuses, Tyler ISD!"


POSTED: Monday, November 12, 2012 - 6:26pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 5:52pm

One East Texas group thinks Tyler ISD is not making the grade, when it comes to facing today's educational problems. They formed a new coalition and met this morning to raise the bar for the city's public school district. The group of four presented a list of reasons TISD is unacceptable in it's handling of everything from education results to how it treats it's teachers. The "No More Excuses, Tyler ISD!" group says these problems go back at least three years.

They said they are tired of hearing excuses. JoAnn Fleming from Grassroots America: We the People, said, "The time has come to face these issues head on." The main issues the group addressed were TISD's poor academic results, growing discipline issues and the lack of respect for teachers.

Representing the group was Dr. Nile Smith, Cedrick Granberry, Ms. Sheryl Chester, and JoAnn Fleming. Fleming said, "We're reaching out to the Tyler ISD community to say, please come join us in this important work."

Granberry said, as a father to TISD students, he is ok with paying money to improve the school system, but after the latest results from the state comptroller's office, he wonders where his money's going. "My youngest goes to an elementary that was given a 1.5 star and that's a brand new school," said Granberry.

But the issue that caused the most commotion was, teachers with tenure. Chester said, "Everything that was asked of me I did, but i was still harassed into retirement, if you don't agree with TISD then TISD doesn't support you." Ms. Chester said, "School has become a prison and your power to teach has been taken away."

We contacted Tyler ISD and they sent us this response:
"As always, Tyler ISD appreciates and welcomes concerns and input from the community. We will review the information presented today and will forward these concerns to the Board of Trustees for further review." After their Board of Trustees reviews the information from today we'll have more of their response later this week.

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I agree with these 4 people and I'am an employee of Tyler ISD . I;am a substitute teacher and I have been denied jobs since school started . I have been set for only 3 campuses out of 28 schools . I think Sharon Roy who is Human Resources over Tyler ISD and she has done me wrong . I hope she loses her job. I'am a hard worker and have been straight out of high school . I have been dedicated and my kids look up to me and I miss doing what I do !

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