No shelter from the cold

POSTED: Wednesday, December 9, 2009 - 6:15pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 3:03am

TYLER-Back in September an East Texas man died while waiting for a Tyler city bus. Police say the man was killed when a truck on the back of a wrecker came loose and hit the man while he sat at the bus stop. The accident happened in the 3800 block of Troup Highway. But now three months later, many wonder why that bus shelter hasn't been rebuilt.

It wouldn't have been out of the ordinary to have seen Clayton Allen, 47, waiting rain or shine at one of the bus stops on Troup Highway.

But sadly on September 7th, Mr. Allen didn't get a chance to catch a ride.

Just moments before his bus arrived at the stop, police say a tow-truck lost its load and slammed into the bus shelter where Mr. Allen was sitting inside.

Now three months later, the only thing that stands is a small memorial. Leaving many to wonder why the city hasn't rebuilt the bus stop.

Without the bus shelter, those waiting to catch a ride have no covering against the cold, rain or even snow. And for people like Patricia Cook, not having a shelter to wait in is going to make for a long and very chilly winter.

"We just have to freeze and stand in the cold until the bus comes," Patricia Cook said.

Mrs. Cook says for those who are disabled or use a cane like her to get around, not having a place to rest is also unbearable.

"For those that are on canes or walkers, we need it to sit down," Cook said.

But there is some good news. City of Tyler officials told us Wednesday they intend on replacing the shelter, but the project is currently on hold. The city is still waiting for money from the insurance company. And until a new one is built, those who wait for the bus better wear a warm coat or bring an umbrella.

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you know this is kind of funny. the city has put up how many new bus shelters in the past couple weeks? yet you people want to complain about anything you can. one shelter did not get replaced yet and everyone is so mistreated.

I caught your story on the 6:00 news about re-building the bus shelter on Troup Highway. The reason given by the City was there was no money available to re-build. Be advised that a donation of $150,000 was recently given to the City by the Retail Merchants Association of Tyler, to build or re-build bus shelters in the City. As President of Retail Merchants Association, I personally delivered the check to the Transporation Department of the City. You might want to check on this to see the disposition of this money. You can reach me at (903) 592-2515.

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