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Obama blames Boehner for ongoing government shutdown

Obama blames Boehner for ongoing government shutdown
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POSTED: Saturday, October 5, 2013 - 10:02am

UPDATED: Monday, October 7, 2013 - 12:14pm

President Barack Obama in an exclusive interview with the Associated Press released Saturday laid responsibility for the government shutdown squarely at the feet of House Speaker John Boehner.

"We can vote to open the government today," Obama told the Associated Press. "We know that there are enough members in the House of Representatives -- Democrats and Republicans -- who are prepared to vote to reopen the government today. The only thing that is keeping that from happening is Speaker Boehner has made a decision that he is going to hold out to see if he can get additional concessions from us."

Much of the government has been shutdown -- hundreds of thousands of workers furloughed, national parks closed, programs for anything from child care to space exploration shuttered -- for five days. And it's likely to remain closed for several days if not weeks more, House Republicans concede.

Despite public pressure to reach a resolution -- and public promises they want to, if only the other side would give in -- Washington politicians remain at odds. And there's little indication there will be any breakthrough until at least mid-October, when the next economic crisis comes up over whether Congress gives the federal government the OK to increase how much it can borrow, or else default on its debt.

Boehner, speaking to reporters Friday, tried to ratchet up pressure on Obama to end the crisis following his approach -- negotiate changes to Obamacare as part of any deal. Fuming about a Wall Street Journal report citing an unnamed Obama administration saying "we are winning," Boehner said, "This isn't some damn game!"

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deaf just continues to spew out his venom like a good little tea swiller...and, just like the flameout that's coming for little teddy cruz, tea swillers are not going to be immune to the crash as the bus goes over the dare all these folks clap their hands as the shutdown continues and more Americans are left with no paychecks, Headstart children are closed out, vital gov't. services are shut down, etc. I hope, as this continues, folks like deaf feel a double sting of all of this.

I wonder why the republicans including Boehner, did not take care of all the budget items they are complaining about and pass a budget when they controlled both houses of congress for 6 years and had W for a President? OH, SPENDING WAS NOT A PROBLEM TO THEM THEN....HYPOCRITES!!!

Agree: 100% Boehner's fault. 1) ALL budgets start in the House, 2) He is the Speaker of the House- meaning his job is to pull together the entire House. He is NOT doing his job. He represents Repubs only & ignoring Dems. He should do his job & make the HOR do their jobs or step down. He complains about gov't overspending - now he passed a bill to back pay gov't employees for staying home. How ridiculous is that? They stay home for however long he screws around & get paid every penny- dumb idea.

I see deaf is atypical repub...he hates the truth and 72% of Americans including a majority of Texans agree that it is Boehner and the republicans fault. 72 % can't be wrong

Have you ever one seen Obama say someting was his fault?

Even once?

Libya turning into Lebanon?
ATF 'Fast and Furious'?
IRS illegal voter interference?
NSA spying on citizens?
Economic downturn?
Problems with Obamacare?


Why he must be the most perfect President in history! and is just surrounded with incompetents!

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