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Obama blasts Republicans at Congressional Black Caucus awards

Obama blasts Republicans at Congressional Black Caucus awards
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POSTED: Sunday, September 22, 2013 - 8:55am

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 3:45pm

President Obama blasted Republicans Saturday evening for risking a government shutdown in their effort to defund Obamacare saying, "It is time for these folks to stop governing by crisis."

President Barack Obama was speaking at the 43rd Annual Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Phoenix Awards Dinner. His speech focused on an array of topics, including health care, gun violence and creating economic opportunity.

Hitting at Congressional Republicans, Obama said, "You'd be willing to shut down the government and potentially default for the first time in United States history because it bothers you so much that we're actually going to make sure that everybody has affordable health care. Let me say as clearly as I can: It is not going to happen."

Obama added, "We have come too far, we've overcome far darker threats than those. We will not negotiate whether or not America should keep its word and meet its obligations. We're not going to allow anyone to inflict economic pain on millions of our own people just to make an ideological point."

Another theme of the night was gun violence, with the president citing recent mass shootings in Chicago and Washington's Navy Yard. He also spoke of others "whose loved ones were torn from them without headlines sometimes, or public outcry."

"We can't rest until all of our children can go to school or walk down the street free from the fear that they will be struck down by a stray bullet."

The president also returned frequently in his remarks to the topic of income inequality, economic opportunity and the need to build on the legacy of the civil rights movement, echoing the main themes of the evening.

The Phoenix Awards Dinner is part of the Congressional Black Caucus' annual conference. This year's dinner honored Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland); former president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund Elaine Jones; and former President Bill Clinton, who was unable to attend the event but addressed the attendees in a video

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M884, you stated "we hate Barack Hussein Obama and his policies"
I can understand the policies but just exactly what is it about the Presidenthimself do you hate?

If you claim it back it up or shut up



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Wow Don, where have you been for the last 4 years to ask a stupid question like that? Let me ask you a question, just what problems has he fixed, besides bailing out GM, insurance companies, banks, and making it so much easier for welfare rats to get a check? Pretty bad when a president is more concerned about perverts and illegals than his country and its people. Wake up Don your leader is useless and no Bush was not much better both party's are corrupt all the way down the line & need replaced

Suzuki, G. W. Bush brokered the GM deal NOT Obama in 2008. research, y'all were not crying when Bush Bailed out Wall Street. So tell me in an adult manner what problems Pesident Obama has not had an answer for with facts to back it up. I bet you can't tell me one with facts that are not linked to a fox video.
Bush announces $17.4 billion auto bailout By DAVID ROGERS & MIKE ALLEN | 12/19/08 8:22 AM EDT

Well don, The shoe is on the other foot. Just like you hate GW Bush and his polices, we hate Barack Hussein Obama and his policies. And just like the dems tried to derail all of GW Bush's policies, its the Republicans turn now. This is a republic, not a monarch.

Well M884 I never HATED G. W. Bush but I did not like him at all, there is a difference. Tell me with some FACTS what Bush policies the Democrats tried to derail . Here are just a few big policies the Dems worked with Bush on:Let's see - they supported Bush on both Wars. ,The tax cuts. Medicare Part D. ,TARP which was BUSH's idea, not theirs. ,Debundling loans. and No child left behind.

Well it syre is funny that you can not back up any of your claimes with any documented FACTS. What problems do you claim America has that President Obama has no answer to? Anyone can make a claim or statement but when asked to back it up the republicans / T-Party always has a problem and most of the time refer back to some fox new video and call that proof. Stupidity at it best LieutenantCharlie

Pseudo-President Bozo Bungler Obama has zero solutions to America's problems, and is much like tits on a Male Hog, USELESS!
And looking at his experience in life, a Community Organizer and a Lecturer (Not a Professor) at a college. Educational Studies; he flunked out of Occidental College in California, then he flunked out of Harvard, and finally he flunked out of Columbia. Then a Known Terrorist (Bill Ayres) got him a job lecturing.

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