Obamacare eligibility

Stacey Spivey

POSTED: Thursday, October 17, 2013 - 5:38pm

UPDATED: Monday, October 21, 2013 - 3:37pm

Obamacare is supposed to be affordable and available to all Americans, and if anyone does not have health insurance they will be required to pay a fee.

However, there may be a gap in those who qualify. Meet Bill Wright.

He is a Flint, Texas resident who has been left without health insurance for 18 years.

He thought Obamacare would change this, but unfortunately it's a different story.

"If you don't qualify for Obamacare they put you on Medicaid, but the state of Texas hasn't expanded cause they're fighting it and so i'm stuck in a hole," said Wright.

This sel-employed contractor applied for medicaid, was denied, applied for Obamacare and is eligible for the regular pay price, but simply cant afford it.

"I can't afford, you know, 3 or 4 hundred dollars a month when i don't make but 3 or 4 hundred dollars a month and if its insurance or groceries... i'm gonna eat."

However, Wright has been exempted from paying the fee people without health insurance will have to pay in the new year.  so what does this mean for people like wright?

They will just have to wait for now..

"The state won't cover me, federal government won't cover me, so i'm on my own."

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sorry to inform you - i dont have big tv of any kind. use comp to draw plans, and cell phone is for business.after paying for all of this hardly any money left. and i do not get tax credits because i do not make enough money

But I bet you have a big screen tv, cellphone, and I see you have a computer and internet service, but you can't afford your own insurance so you expect me and everyone else that has taken care of themselves to pay for your insurance. That's why this country is going in the tank. Depend on government and see where it gets you!

So what good is obummercare then?

What Mr Wright and others need to know is that under ACA he qualifies for a tax credit. Yes, that means he will get an income tax credit based on his income. While most are slamming Obama & the IRS the ACA is working for the people. This tax credit is available Right Now so go out and apply for it... I am.

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