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Odometer fraud on the rise in Texas


POSTED: Friday, December 13, 2013 - 10:58pm

UPDATED: Saturday, December 14, 2013 - 12:35pm

When looking to buy a used vehicle, one of the biggest factors in determining the price is the mileage on the car.

But across the country, especially in Texas, many buyers soon find out, the mileage on their odometer isn't even close to how much their new car has been driven.

We use it to determine when to get our oil changed, when to rotate the tires, and how much our vehicle is valued, but that mileage on your new "used" vehicle, may not be what you paid for.

"Odometer fraud unfortunately is a forgotten scam it's been around for decades but with the advent of the digital odometer many people think that odometer roll backs are not possible to do anymore," said Christopher Basso with Carfax.

According to Basso, it has actually made odometer fraud easier, since most odometers are now digital, it's just lack hacking a computer, and the second most amount of cars with a rollback, are right here in Texas.

"Our research shows there are 120,00 that are on the road right now throughout the state of Texas with a roll back odometer, you don't want to be caught unknowingly buying one, paying more money and potentially paying for costly repairs sooner that you expect," said Basso

But what it really comes down to, is doing your due diligence for making a decision.

"Take the car for a test drive, make sure the wear and tear on the vehicle matches what the odometer reading saying, look at all the mileage readings and all the information that's been reported to Carfax and absolutely have that car inspected by a mechanic," said Basso.

So don't assume you'll be one of the lucky ones.

Texas joins California, Massachusetts, Nevada and new York in the top five state where this type of fraud is at its peak.

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Well considering the SIZE of Texas and number of cars, how can anyone be shocked.

Caveat emptor... buyer beware, with anything you buy, especially from Obama.

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