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Officer says goodbye to his police dog, friend Narco

Courtesy: Sarah Parker

POSTED: Thursday, September 4, 2014 - 10:47pm

UPDATED: Friday, September 5, 2014 - 11:15am

Thursday afternoon in Hallsville, members from many law enforcement agencies paid their respects to Narco, a retired police dog who was put to sleep that morning.

But tears soon turned into smiles as they remembered what he meant to the force, and especially what he meant to the man sharing that close bond.

Officer James Taylor now works as a police officer in Fairview, before that he was with the Rusk County Sheriff's Office.

But he got his start with Tatum PD, which is where he and Narco met, and at first, their relationship was a bit rocky.

But it's left a lasting impact, as on Thursday, he said goodbye to his partner.

When it comes to a close friendship, home is never defined by a spot on a map, but rather how close you are to one another.

"He's been with me everywhere I've gone, different states, different houses, all East Texas different places and everywhere we went, he was always right there, and it never really bothered him where we were as long as he was around," said Taylor about Narco.

Officer Taylor and Narco, had that type of relationship, which lasted longer than Narco's time on the force.

But as the years went by, Narco developed a disorder, where his spine slowly began to degenerate.

"Just got to the point where he was in pain and had trouble with just basic walking and standing up.  He's very proud, he didn't want to admit it or show it, but, it was time," said Taylor.

So Thursday morning he was put to sleep and that afternoon laid to rest in Hallsville.

"He spent his last few months here and then it was only fitting that he rests here," said Taylor.

The decision was short notice, and Taylor only let a few people know.

But when 5:30 PM rolled around, faces from his and Narco's past showed up, along with other officers, and fellow dogs, who showed up to pay their respects.

"A lot of people look at this as just a dog but, the ones that do this kind of work and work around them, or get the privilege of working with them, they're a lot more than that," said Taylor.

As stories were shared, and memories recalled, the scene became quite clear.

This was more than a handler saying goodbye to his K-9 unit, it was a friend, telling his buddy, he'll see him soon.

"Today was tough and, it was short notice but, in the end I'm supremely confident that he is right now charging somebody else down somewhere. That's what he's doing, so it ends on a good note," said Taylor.

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Narco ... You were so loved. Thank you for the job you did protecting us and making us feel safe. You will never be forgotten and will live in the hearts of James and his mother, Carolyn. Your family will missed. Rest in peace Officer Narco.

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