Officials Confiscate Cell Phones in Prison

POSTED: Wednesday, July 15, 2009 - 8:15am

UPDATED: Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 2:37am

TEXAS—Texas officials are considering jamming cell phone signals near prisons.

Officials found 775 prohibited cell phones in Texas prisons this year. Officials say prisoners are using cell phones to order criminal acts outside prison walls.

Cell phone industry officials say they agree with officials that the problem needs to be resolved. However, they say, there needs to be a way to allow staff and visitors inside the prison to make calls.

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for years now texas jails and prisons have been more expensive to run. just like every house hold and buisness.prison officals have used prison labor to make 18 wmeeler trailors for profet.but that caused buisness like lufkin trailor to have to shut down.they have hired people from Africka to come here and work in prisons on work visas a clear violation of ethicks.and so many Americans needing jobs and prison pay considered to be at poverty level no mater how hard you try to keep cell phones out tecnolagy has caught up with us they are so small easy to hide in food produce mailed hiden in the body cavity contriband has always been able to slip threw some way its sad that the prison officers always get the bad rap but they arenot just the ones to blam ther are millions of visitors contracters ond others passing threw prison walls every year.I guess this made a light bulb go off in the goveners head because pay phones have been installed in every unite in texas at 5 dollers for the first minute.and the prison getting the profit maby one day officers will get a diserved pay raise every time they got one in the past the insurance went up as much as the raise .I heard that the prison system owns the insurance co .thanks for lisening and doing a great job of keeping things fair and people honest threw the news

If the inmates are getting phones in prison, they're getting them from the personnel on the inside. There is no reason for visitors to make calls from the prison. In fact, they are not allowed to bring phones in the prison. Visitors are searched and patted down. But who will suffer? The visitors and the inmates who will have to go on lockdown because prison officials are not doing their jobs.

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