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Oklahoma substitute teacher shows up to school intoxicated

Saturday, February 22, 2014 - 4:21pm

A substitute teacher in Oklahoma is accused of showing up to school under the influence.

"What's going on?"

"He called me to sub today."

"Do what?"

"He called me to sub today."

But Police say that Michelle Childress couldn't even stand up or talk straight, let alone teach a class full of elementary kids.

This isn't her first rodeo. Or second. Or third.

School officials at Washington Elementary called police to take care of Childress who used to be an employee at the school.

"She made it, I believe tot he classroom, but then they noticed that something wasn't right," said Jaron Ballagh an officer at Ada Police Department.

"I'm just really upset."

"What did you come up here for like this?"

"Well they asked me to sub today, So I did. I subbed."

She only subbed for a couple of hours.

"What did you take? I mean I can smell alcohol, but what else?"

"No. That's it. I drank a little bit before I came."

"So you drank, then you came up here to sub? That's not too good of a decision."

"No, but I mean, but it's not a bad decision."

"It is a bad decision. You're coming to a school intoxicated and trying sub."

"No. I'm not intoxicated."

"You are intoxicated. You can't even stand up."

"Her speech was really slurred and she was unsteady on her feet. She said she'd been sick and that's why she was acting the way that she was," said Jaron Ballagh.

Officers say Childress refused a field sobriety test and never admitted to being drunk.

She was taken into custody.

"You're under arrest for public intoxication," said Ballagh.

Once at jail, Childress finally agreed to be tested. Turns out the results were three times the legal limit.
"You're under arrest for public intoxication."

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