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Oncor customer signs off

Friday, May 17, 2013 - 6:18pm

Lately the news for Oncor hasn’t been the best, from unhappy customers to phantom tax collections.
And today we revisited that unhappy customer to see if his problems with Oncor were resolved.
Last month we told you about Chris smith.
He is s small business man who told us his electric bills from Oncor Electric bore no relation to reality.
And Oncor said, they would work with him.
“I haven’t heard from any of the representatives that we were dealing with to try and solve the problem,” Chris says.
But nothing happened, so now, Chris has decided to say goodbye to the power company.
Oncor’s delivery part of his monthly power bill regularly exceeds the actual electricity itself.
In fact, the bill to power his office exceeds the bill to run his manufacturing warehouse.
So he’s taking his own medicine. Chris installs wind and solar power equipment for customers. And now he is one.
“We’re going to make a little bit of improvement and this will be our new office location,” he told us. “On this building we’ve got 1500 watts of solar panels on the roof, and we’ve also got an 800 watt wind PMA. We’re going to add a few more, but for now, that’s more than enough to handle what our last bill reflects.”
In the meantime, he’ll leave the meter on his old abandoned office as an experiment.
“They say they came and looked at the meter and tested it and it’s something on my side of the meter,” Chris told KETK. “I don’t know how many more avenues we can go down to eliminate my building as the problem. We’ve exhausted our resources and Oncor does nothing to help remedy it.”

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