ONCOR Smart Meters: Texas puts them to the test

POSTED: Friday, March 5, 2010 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 9, 2013 - 9:56pm

TYLER - The Texas Public Utilities Commission has hired an outside company to test ONCOR digital smart meters for customers who say they're being ripped off.

ONCOR says meter complaints have increased this year ten fold from 400 complaints a month to 4,000 complaints, but the company says it's confident in it's product.

Local customers here in East Texas want answers.

KETK speaks with Mattie Dressendorfer who says she switched energy providers to lower her electric bill just to find out it's almost doubled in the last few months since she's had the ONCOR smart meter installed.

The meter tests should be conducted within the next few weeks...but no word yet on when the results will come out.

To find out how you can reduce your energy bill by up to 10% visit the ONCOR website at http://www.oncor.com

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People really don't know the reason why these meters are doing what they do. I've an idea as to why the system works the way it does and why people keep getting these huge bills. I have done research that I have conducted since Nov. 2009. With what I have in data as well as to the road map to these installations I believe that I have what people are looking for. (The Reason Why). Maybe I can help in the near future. TexasSmartMan

Anyone starting a class action lawsuit against oncor or txu please contact me mjen69@yahoo.com

In Jan., Feb and March of 2010 my wattage use has more than doubled than Any bill we have received in the 5 yrs that I have lived in our home. Our first bill my husband got on the phone with TXU and had a fit. There response to him was you are only allowed a FREE meter check every 3 yrs and if we wanted our meter checked we would have to pay for it. So we did not have it checked because we weren’t sure how we were even going to pay this $500.00 bill. There is only my husband and I that live in the house, we enjoying using our fireplace and did a lot of it during those cold nights. Our house stays at 68 to 70 degrees most of the time. However TXU says we used over 3500 kilowatts in a 31 day month. BULL. But what do you do? God help us when those HOT Texas days get here.

THESE TESTS BY ONCOR ARE COMPLETELY BOGUS! The problem I see with them is that Oncor is not comparing apples to apples. They are comparing their new smart meters with new standard meters, not the actual meters these customers used to
have on their homes. Those have already been scrapped. Who is to say that the calibration of these new standard meters has not been adjusted to match the new smart meters? Then the two would match within the tolerance of the devices themselves, just like they claim. This is absolutely outrageous! How does the media miss this little detail and just accept what Oncor tells them at face value?

Also, I wonder if it is possible to adjust the calibration of these meters remotely? If they are on some kind of network and they use calibration software it could easily be manipulated.

I’d like to see some truly independent verification of the accuracy of these meters, similar to what is required of retail gasoline pumps by the Texas Department of Weights and Measures, whose purpose is “to protect consumers and businesses by ensuring that equity prevails in all commercial transactions involving determinations of quantity”.

Please, please, KETK stay on top of this story. This could very well be the biggest fleecing of Texas citizens by any company in history!

Smart Meters ARE computers that can be remotely accessed thus Oncor or anyone with access CAN change usage to whatever they want and YOU would not know about it, because you have no control over it. All smart meters should be made to save logs of who visited last and exactly what modifications have been made if any or just regular reading, as well as allowing customers to read their own.

The meter is working properly, however, there was a system issue that has been resolved. The 7100 kwh has been cancelled and rebilled to the Retail Electric Provider. The corrected amount is 2,300 kwh for 35 days of service. It will be necessary to contact your Retail Electric Provider for charges.

this is a responce I received from oncor I asked for a calibration certificate
thet sent their own testing procedure which is self serving.

This is criminal

EEEKKKK! I just found one of those stupid things on my house...... Help! I am going to check the number.. It cost Texas over 650 million dollars to change these stupid things. That money should go into wind power or something... Palestine

since my Smart Meter was installed, my monthly bill for Jan. Feb. & March 2010 have increased more than double, even from the hottest months of summer (July, August), even though my lifestyle remains the same. Keep thermostat in home extremely low in winter, virtually off most of the time, even in coldest weather & very high (around 85-90) in the summer. Bills were reasonable with the old meters, but have jumped extremely high with new Smart Meter. Request that my meter be checked, as I strongly believe it is inaccurate

As there are more and more people with more and more hungry appliances the bill will go up eventually.

Switch to CFL or LED lights. Turn your big screen tv off at a power strip switch so it doesn't 'vampire'. Remember to use power saving settings on your computer. Get double or triple pane windows. Buy energy star appliances, and build LEED certified homes.

Since they installed a smart meter on my house the bill has been cut in half! But i have heard if youre new meter starts with the number 1 that those spin faster.

Since they installed a new smart meter on my house the bill has been cut in half! But i have been told if your new meter number starts with the number 1 that it will spin faster!

I have a new smart meter and my bill was cut in half and i didnt even turn it upside down!!

My electric bill doubled in price last month. I would love for them to come and check my meter. How does someone use twice the amount of electricity in one month??
My electric provider came out and reread mine and said it was fine..... I thought it was just me.... Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

OMG!! I have been waiting for a story like this. I switched to TXU energy 3 months ago and got a 8 cent per KW rate but my bill has almost double thanks to the stupid DEMAND meter portion of the bill. I am at wits end! No one takes responsibility when you call them. I would love to see a CAL for this! KETK you can email me for more info.

Your only charged with the demand if youre on a commercial account. Every new meter they install will have a demand register regardless if its residential or commercial. Always remember to read the bill carefully and PAY YO FARE!!

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