One East Texas doctor is changing his practice to cash-only


POSTED: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 - 10:55pm

UPDATED: Thursday, January 30, 2014 - 9:54am

Dr. Richard L. Baker has been practicing internal medicine in Nacogdoches since 1980, his practice is in the heart of Nacogdoches across from Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital.

In a sit down interview with Dr. Baker, he tells us there's no way he's supporting Obamacare and starting March 1, he's changing the ways he does business, he will run his business like the old days.

"We aren't doctors anymore we are health are providers, and we don't have patients anymore, we have consumers," said Dr. Baker.

Dr. Baker says within the last thirty years the health care system has been catastrophic.

"Our system is broken you know, we are spending so much money," said Dr. Baker. "Really getting rid of Medicare reimbursements and all private Medicare reimbursements, you know it's fee for service, you just pay cash at the time of the visit and we don't fool with insurance companies at all."

Dr. Baker says, he will no longer care for patients at both Nacogdoches Hospitals. He tells us that he's been struggling with this decision, but knows it's best for his practice. He also appreciates the support from his patients and staff.

Connie Chapman has been an employee at Dr. Baker's medical office for six years and has been in the medical profession for 33 years, she can't believe what the health system has become in recent years.

"Absolutely wonderful for work and it's been very difficult for him because the patients mean so much to him and to all of us,  we are like a big happy family here and we've been trying to explain to the patients what's going on and what's going to happen," said Chapman.

Dr. Baker says he's going to try to do the best I can for himself and what's best for my patients. He'll continue to care for patients but not in the way the government wants him to care for them.

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The Dr.'s office charge is not what really costs a lot, its the tests and prescriptions, a lot of tests are done by outside sources like hospitals that will take insurance and so do pharmacies.

He is creating a smokescreen. ACA is NOT the problem. His practice will not survive on cash only. This will cause patients to have to fill-out insurance forms to get reimbursed - that's cruel. Ins cos want them filled out exactly right & untrained, elderly patients can't do it.
Private ins cos led to ACA because of their GREED & not paying docs & hospitals for 90+ days! Nurse case mgrs. are assigned to follow patients.
"Dr Baker says he's going to try to do what's best for himself..." So true!

So what is the answer?

Healthcare insurance should only be for catastrophic incidences. All others should be CASH ONLY.

Eliminates tons of paperwork, cuts the need for government (and that cost money to), and lowers prices as patients only go to the doctor as needed.

Obamacare is right the reverse. Pays everything and thus floods the market with DEMAND but no increase in RESOURCES. You will see prices skyrocket (and premiums to!)

Ditch Obamacare while we can. VOTE in 2014!

I don't blame him.

See insurance should only be for CATASTROPHIC healthcare. That is illnesses that take long time to cure and cost lots of $$.

By making it cover EVERYTHING for EVERYONE you flood the market with money and thus to compete for scarce resources it drives the prices up. Hence hospitals charging $1 for an aspirin. Go look at your last bill and notice the huge number of itemized charges.

And that insurance takes an army of paper pushers to file them to! That also drives up prices.

Would have been easier to read without all the typos. Guess good help is hard to find now days.

Finally, a doctor who adheres to the Hippocratic Oath rather than be intimidated by a government gone wrong.

the last time it was cash for services the doctors bartered.... I hope he has a farm big enough to take a cow for payment. There aren't to many people that can pay cash for medical services

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