One local college president says 'no way' to campus guns


POSTED: Tuesday, November 16, 2010 - 7:08pm

UPDATED: Saturday, March 12, 2011 - 12:58pm

It's called the "Personal Protection on Campus Act," a bill David Simpson says will restore the rights of Texas college students to defend themselves by carrying licensed handguns.

"I don't want students to have to choose between self defense and education.  I believe it's an individual right to protect one's self and the government should secure that right," Simpson said.

He says there are 71 campuses in 3 different states that already allow it.

"About 30 of them have allowed it for about 5 years and I think there's good reason to show that it's helped," Simpson said.

Kilgore College President Bill Holda doesn't think the bill is a good idea.

He says even in situations outside of school, it has caused confusion.

"...where you have multiple shooters and innocent people were killed by other people who had concealed licensed handguns because they weren't sure who was the shooter and who was the defender," Holda said.

Holda says many students who are under 21 and not yet able to carry a licensed handgun are concerned.

"They actually feel that it creates for them an environment that is not open and that it is actually intimidating," Holda said.

Holda says the chances a person carrying a concealed handgun will be in the same location as a shooter - are remote at best.

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Kilgore college President Bill Holda, and his wife, after enjoying a shooting session at a range, recently took the course to get Concealed Handgun Licenses.

I admire those who sign up for "continuing education"

Why did this "news organization" not check the facts before reporting this as news? Anyone who states a lie on an interview should be called on it either during the interview or at least afterwards, it should be noted by the news org that those facts were incorrect. Irresponsible journalism.

Kilgore college President Bill Holda, and his wife, after enjoying a shooting session at a range, recently took the course to get Concealed Handgun Licenses.

I admire those who sign up for "continuing education"

Either Bill Holda is stupid, or he's a liar and is spreading lies about Luby's and the fact that Luby's is the reason Texas has shall issue. If Holda is that stupid, it makes me wonder about the education a person could get from Kilgore College.

Where the hell is this idiot from?

KIlgore College needs a new president!
"One with a Brain."

"Just Saying."

David, from Houston, Texas.

Which is more likely to fall into wrong hands?
1)The gun concealed, that no one knows is there on a reinforced belt in a holster inside my pants while I'm sitting in my desk? (Same as it was on the campus lawn while I studied under a tree and at Wal-Mart, HEB, and the restaurant?)
2)The one in my car that they'd get while stealing my GPS, radar detector, stereo and gun which I had to remove from my holster inside my pants, because it's illegal inside the building?

An Alternative Solution?
If university policy isn't changed:
Since I can walk all over campus armed, except into a building, I propose that gun safes/lockers be provided outside each building, as well as private changing area dressing rooms, (concealed is concealed), so I can disarm without taking my gun back to my car (where police advise us not to keep any valuables because "Nothing can be done to prevent car burglaries, so don't leave valuables in your car")

And the second amendment "militia" meant the national guard (which wasn't formed until 130 years later)

There were no CHLs at Luby's.
Many criminals use college campuses as shopping malls

I can't understand why every campus police isn't FOR campus carry. If I were on a campus police dept, I'd rather interrupt a vehicular burglar with a stereo in his hand than the gun a CHL had to store there to go inside.

1. There WERE no legal CCWers in Texas in 1991.
2. Nobody was shot by anybody other than the assailant.

So.. what is he talking about?

It's a shame a college President does not get his facts straight before he opens his mouth on television. As pointed out by the other commenters there was only one shooter at Luby's.
The real truth can be found in a book written by a woman who survived the Luby's tragedy.
Book Here

So the question is: Is he a big fat liar, whose position has no basis in reality, so choses to lie? Or is he stark raving mad, believing every work he says, and he should be committed for a long period in a psychiatric hospital?

Your choice.

"President Holda, there is a Suzanna Hupp on line one. She says it's important..."

This guy states false information and yet, he's a college president. Simply amazing.

Kilgore college President Bill Holda said that in Luby's restaurant there were multiple shooters who killed innocent people - not true I checked the press clippings on the incident. All the people killed and wounded were shot by George Hennard. If a few folks in Luby's had been carrying a gun, perhaps fewer people would have been killed. Ron M.

In his on-air comments tonight (11/16/10), Kilgore College President Bill Holda displayed his ignorance of history. The Texas concealed handgun license law was passed after the Luby's shooting. The shooter could easily have been stopped if handgun carriers had been licensed prior to the incident.

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