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Monday, September 1, 2014 - 2:27pm

Open carry celebration on Independence Day

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 - 7:29pm

East Texans will be gathering on Independence Day for an Open Carry March in downtown Tyler.

"230 years ago our founders of this nation declared Independence from Great Britain," said Matt Thiessen, Co-Organizer. That was when Liberty was inhibited. Thiessej adds, '"The fact of taxation with representation, they were also attempting to deny them the right to defend themselves with arms among many other things."

God, guns, freedom and its christian values is what 'Open Carry Tyler' organizers tell us this country was founded on, which is why East Texans are walking the streets of Tyler seven times similar to the way they did in the battle of Jerico and exercising the second amendment- the right to bear arms.

"Any long guns are allowed, you just can't carry a hand gun, unless it's a black pistol, those are legal and you can also carry anything made before 1898 as far as hand guns, but as far as long guns, shot guns, rifles they're allowed," said Joel Gardner, Libertarian Candidate and Open-Carry Organizer.

This year the theme is 'An Appeal to Heaven', which is a phrase found on the pine tree flag used during the Revolutionary War.

At 9:00AM Open Carry Tyler participants will attend a reading of the Declaration of Independence organized by the Smith County Republican Party.

Open Carry Tyler is a grassroots group of individuals voluntarily cooperating to organize open carry events throughout East Texas. Open Carry Tyler is not affiliated with Open Carry Texas. Follow Open Carry Tyler on Facebook at


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