Open carry coming to Texas?


POSTED: Thursday, November 29, 2012 - 8:33pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 29, 2014 - 1:28pm

Recent Supreme Court decisions have reaffirmed that the Second Amendment is a personal right.

But according to the Texas Land Commissioner, there’s still one hurdle to clear before that right is fully enjoyed.

The right to keep and bear arms is pretty well understood by most of us, but there is one area that is not.
And it’s a kind of arms bearing that we all know well, thanks to Hollywood.

That’s right, we’ve seen it in a thousand movies. The long walk, the holstered guns, the ultimate confrontation. But that’s the movies.  You couldn’t possibly carry that way in real life, right?

In Texas, there a couple of ways you can carry a pistol. You can now carry it in your car. Or, if you have a license, you can carry it concealed on your person. But what if you could carry it out in the open?

Jerry Patterson is the Land Commissioner of Texas and the former State Senator who authored the concealed carry law back in the mid-nineties.

“Anytime you have a choice between advancing liberty and there’s no reason not to, no public harm that will result. You should do it.  44 states allow open carry,” he says. “And most of them don’t even require a license. And this provision in Texas would require a concealed handgun license.”

And the Dallas Morning News thinks, it’s a terrible idea.

“This newspaper’s concern with open carry is more about common sense. Two words come to mind, and neither is positive. One is intimidation. The other is provocation.

Texas’ gun laws are effective as they are. The Legislature would be wise to steer clear of open carry.”

“You know, my response to the Dallas Morning News,” Patterson says,  “I thought was pretty cordial, but I reminded them that they were opposed to the concealed handgun law. They said it was a bad thing. They were among those that predicted doom and gloom. None of that happened. And it’s really about having faith in citizens to make the choices and to comply with the law.”

Of course in the real west, there were laws against open carrying in most Texas cities, but Patterson says, the record nationwide is good.

And it looks like Representative George Lavender may introduce an open carry bill in the upcoming legislative session.

Oklahoma was the latest to allow open carry. The law went into effect November 1st.

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If i carried a gun I would shot at least one person a day! Who's got time to fight anymore I'm way to busy. It would make especial easy to hit people when they are driving like a D!ck. Bang Bang

I moved to Tx from AZ. AZ has CC & OC. The mindset of Military and LE is that OC is bad. Because it helps the bad guys ID targets. This is biased thinking, because of Military and LE traing they looks for bad guys with guns to take out. In the general public, bad guys look for soft targets to prey upon. That's because they are bad guys. What I like about OC it tell the bad guys right away you are not an easy mark.

Open Carry is a good thing. It will keep the turd from ever coming up to me in the first pace. Use your heads people. If he doesn't know I have a gun and comes up to me he will be killed. If he knows i have it he won't approach me and his sorry life will be saved.

From what I know.......Which isn't much, the flashing of the firearm is whats illegal. Not the accidental/ unintentional observation or patterning of said firearm. Of-course the circumstances should be fairly considered. BTW, I personally carry and I'm not a fan of the idea of OC.

Well I'm not bubbly about OC but if the CHL holder accidently exposes their gun then they would not be subject to the DPS suspending their license. Still, those who open carry need to have a holster that is snatch proof, not unlike a cops. Keep in mind you have brought a gun for every to see and take if they can and you have NO partner like a cop has to protect your six.

You are not subject to suspension of your license now for accidental exposure. The nearest thing in the penal code to that is "Failure to conceal" which is a willful and flagrant display of your firearm. Wind blowing your shirt up might get a "man with a gun" call to authorities, but is not violating any law.

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