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'Open Carry March' for Independence Day in downtown Tyler


POSTED: Thursday, July 4, 2013 - 6:40pm

UPDATED: Saturday, July 6, 2013 - 12:06pm

In honor of our forefathers, the fourth of July and the 2nd Amendment more than a 100 East Texans walked together Thursday in an 'Open Carry March'.

KETK walked beside East Texans to see why it was so important to carry their rifle or shotgun and march.

East Texans from all over marched down the streets in downtown Tyler armed.

"To honor our service men and women, past, present and future and to support the Constitution and 2nd Amendment," says A.J. Cook.

The 2nd Amendment which protects the right to keep and bear arms.

"We're all carrying rifles, shot guns we are not shooting anyone." says Matt Lightfoot.

Safety practices were in place before the march and authorities made sure people were safe.

Members of the group tell KETK, they're blessed to be in Texas because they're able to show what a Texan is all about.

"America we believe in, we're a Christian country always have been, we believe in God, Guns and Freedom," says an East Texan participating in the 'Open Carry March'.

"Your right to carry arms and to walk freely in your city," says Eric Rahn.

"I really recommend people to really defend their rights to carry arm," says Kimberly Rahn.

More than one-hundred people marched to celebrate our country's independence.




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Jesus himself was mocked while hanging on the cross. People feel secure and safe when they stand in a crowd and point fingers saying, "look at these people who go against what the WORLD says is acceptable." It takes courage to stand fast in faith and to look out to the mockers and say nothing. Too many of our elected officials are filled with an insatiable thirst for power and wealth. Thus the reason for the perversion of the laws and culture of America. You can't serve God and money! God Bless!

"America we believe in, we're a Christian country always have been, we believe in God, Guns and Freedom," <--- Does this guy know the Federal Government and their media mock him? How much Christianity will he find in the Federal Reserve, the entity that controls our economy.

thats the problem you wont find any, this country was founded on God, guns,freedom and its christian values, the Government may control alot of factors around us but they dont control our faith and beliefs. We are not afraid to be mocked by the media or Government because we are christians, you sound like a fearful person that only believes what society allows you to Sheila. I hope one day you can stand on your own two feet and see the bigger picture and not let fear control you.

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