Open Carry Texas took to the streets in Tyler


POSTED: Saturday, May 3, 2014 - 8:48pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 9:16am

Open Carry Texas known (OCT) held an Open Carry March on Saturday May 3 in Tyler at the intersection of Loop 323 and Broadway.

Several 2nd Amendment supporters from East Texas gathered and marched the streets of Tyler holding signs expressing their rights.

Folks we spoke with tell they're bringing awareness and attention to their self-defense rights and of course their right to bear arms.

The OCT organization says they have the right to safely and legally carry firearms openly in the State of Texas in accordance with the United States and Texas Constitution and applicable laws.

Strong Supporters Rudy Wright, Joel Gardner, Tea Party Member Tammi Blair of East Texas also took part in the march.

If you would like to learn more about Open Carry Texas, you can visit their Facebook Page:

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The group is not like that at all. We only care for our rights to carry open, to protect those who does not like to carry as I do not like to carry. I would feel safe and secure if I knew some in my neighborhood are like this, lawful abiding citizens carrying protection for us and our children. So Pete1911, are you sadly mistaken that the group likes to "flex" muscles and would shoot first and ask questions later. We did encounter a few police officers and a security officer from the mall.

I am a strong gun advocate, and have a ccw carry, but "These open carry moron's" will run around towns toting their ak 47's and m-14 until they screw up and cause an shooting incident, which will set off another round of anti-gun advocates to put forth another "bill to limit our rights to firearms" and cause more anti-gun sentiment among the public. At some point the gun lobby needs to realize these kind of demonstrations cause more harm than good and start to control these demonstrations.

I saw them by the road on the loop near "On The Border".

They had rifles on their shoulders. Not a cop around except one by the IHOP giving a driver a speeding ticket!

Know what? No violence! No people freaking out. No nothing. Everyone just went about their business.

Now I am not all bubbly about OC. But it's the law in several states and they nave no problems with people. No 'Dodge City' gunfights.

So I really doubt us Texicans would have any either.

Close to this being the norm, not only in Tyler, but all over ET. Won't this be so wonderful for our children, to see open carry on the street corner, to wonder if the folks in the next car going down the road are carrying and willing to shoot you if you look cross-eyed at them...what a sad and pitiful society, where ordinary people are so engulfed in fear that they will possibly shoot first and not care later...these folks fear and gin up the rhetoric of militancy for all to see.

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