120-pound gator caught in Texas neighborhood

Friday, July 25, 2014 - 4:07pm

Later, gator!

An alligator that caused a stir in a Texas neighborhood is gone. A homeowner in Cinco Ranch called authorities after seeing kids throw rocks at this six-foot long, 120-pound reptile.

A deputy responded, but had to call in a professional for help after the gator began chasing him! That's when alligator control hunter Chris Stevens stepped in.

He says this particular gator seemed to have lost its fear of people. He encouraged neighbors to scare off any alligators they see in the future.

"What I do whenever I see them, to keep them scared of people, I make a loud noise. I bark or something like rarr! And that will usually cause them to go under real fast and take off."

Stevens also told residents to call Texas Parks and Wildlife Office if they see an alligator that won't go away. 

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