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Texas angler hauls in monster fish

Texas angler hauls in monster fish
Cullen Greer/KETK

POSTED: Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - 7:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 10, 2014 - 10:09am

A Houston resident will soon have his name etched high in the Louisiana record books for a massive fish he hauled in last weekend.

On Saturday, Cullen Greer caught a 297-pound Warsaw Grouper while next to an offshore rig in 500- to 600-feet of water. The exact location was about 35 miles from the end of the Mississippi Delta.

The grouper was 6 feet 6 inches long and 6 feet in girth. Greer said he reeled in the lunker after about 30 minutes using a live bait.

According to Greer, the fish will be the third largest Warsaw caught on a hand crank in the Louisiana record books.

Once verified by the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association, the Warsaw would be the fifth largest ever caught. The overall record currently stands at 359.1 pounds and was caught in November 2008.

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Apparently it isn't on an endangered species list unless that has happened since last year.

Since these 'Goliath Grouper' or by pre-politically correct verbage, a 'Jewfish' have a high-end weight of 800 pounds, it shows that this guy caught a small to medium sized fish. And the punch line is: It is an ENDANGERED SPECIES and therefore ILLEGAL to kill (take out of the water) in the state of Florida - guess Louisiana rednecks aren't as astute as Florida crackers, huh?

That is not a jewfish/goliath grouper. Different type of grouper. People who actually fish the gulf know that the goliath has came strong and is now eating a lot of snappers, groupers, and lobsters.

"Redneck kills critically endangered species." There ... I made the title of the article accurate.

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