Parents: Baby killed because demon-possessed

POSTED: Wednesday, December 3, 2008 - 7:11pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 - 3:37pm

Investigators say it was the most gruesome scene involving a child they had ever seen.

RUSK COUNTY - An East Texas couple appeared in a Rusk County court this morning, accused of bludgeoning a 13-month-old girl to death with a hammer.

Investigators say it was the most gruesome scene involving a child they had ever seen.

According to authorities, they received a 911 call Tuesday morning from 18-year-old Jessica Carson, the baby's mother. Carson, whom authorities say graduated last year from Longview High School with honors, told the dispatcher she and her live-in fiancé Blaine Milam, 18, briefly left the baby at home. They said upon their return to the house on County Road 2125 in Henderson, the child, Amora Bain Carson, was not breathing.

That was just one of many stories the pair would tell authorities including the fact that dogs bit her, a car wreck occurred and the child killed herself with a hammer.

Deputies say when they arrived, Amora was on her back in the bedroom, beaten to death with some kind of object, which they believe was a hammer.

"She also had 15-20 bite marks on her body," said Lt. Reynold Humer with the Rusk County Sheriff's Dept. "I’ve seen a lot of (murder scenes) in my 30 years but this is worse I've ever seen."

Officials believe Amora may have been tortured before her death with the bite marks and then later killed with the hammer or another tool.

Lt. Humer said authorities became immediately suspicious of the couple and Carson eventually broke down to Texas Rangers.

According to the arrest report, Carson “admitted to Ranger Kenny Ray that she was present when the defendant performed an exorcism of the demons possessing the body of their child, Amora Bain Carson. The defendant went on to say after her husband killed the baby, they drove to Henderson to a pawnshop to pawn items to pay for an exorcism service and officers were able to confirm those transactions. The defendant Carson said they then made up a story about leaving the baby alone and returning home and finding the baby dead.”

The blonde-hair, blue-eyed baby was described by family members as “a happy toddler, full of life, who never cried.”

Bond was set at $2 million dollars each. If convicted, the couple faces the death penalty.

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The reason everyone is freaking that suppose be the reaction whether the death of the child is in or out of the womb anything else is desensatation! The offense! The betrayal !That baby!!!! Well it was said that the baby was with the LORD now! Well milan gets to go see HIM now!! Woe unto anyone who hurts harms or trepass against the least of these( speaking of children in or out of the Womb) WOE unto you!!!To fall into the hands of A Holy GOD! Stained covered with the blood of the Innocent

Why is everyone freaking out so much? People do this every day, except with different tools and ways...only to unborn children.

thanks God there are still good people on earth who understand the horrific manner of such a vicious and demented crime. that poor innocent life didnt deserve that. how would they like it if their parents had taken advantage of their helpless state when they were a child and needed them for food, clothing ect. omg please make them pay for this Allah

i criesd when i read this i have a 15 month old and would never even think to do something like that the devil was in them and they should be beating with a hammer and tortured and killed just like the innocent life they took.

I am speachless ... I don't know what would be appropriate punnishment for either one of them. What is going on in this twisted world? How anyone can do anything that cruel to not just yours - any human being?

I am in shock. The female defendant in this case was a friend of my daughter's when we and she lived in another state. They used to spend the night together and just hang out as regular girls. What happened to Jessie??? She was so smart but unfortunately, she faced many evil things in her past directly related to her parents and it seems obvious now that she never recieved the help she needed to deal with other things in her life. My heart bleeds for this innocent child, Amora but also for her mother who went through so much trauma as a child herself. It does not make this horrific act right by any means however, this could have been avoided if only she (Jessie) would have received help in dealing with her own problems. How sad.

show a picture of the baby and the crime to jessie then smash jessie's head in with the same hammer

I think they should be beat to death the same way.

what sick and twisted people! i cannot believe anyone could b-bite into their own baby, they BIT her! over and over and over....and then they BEAT her to death with a HAMMER! these bitchy ass wholes need to burn in hell. yes, give them death penalty! and make sure its slow and painful, make them suffer like that baby did.

I am a mother of two beautiful girls ages three years and three months. I don't know what she was thinking. She has to be out of her mind because my babies are my pride and joy. I wish i could get a hold of her,she needs major help.

I cried when I watched this..I have a 14 month old and she's my life. They better get put to death!!

I wish I could get ahold of that women and do her like she did that precious baby girl. I lost a daughter a week before I was scheduled to deliver her. She passed in the womb at full term. It's people like this that don't deserve a gift like that precious child and peple like I who deserve them and can't have them. This makes me sick to my stomach and so sad. :(

This is so shocking and sickening that I don't know how these two sorry excuses for humans should be punished. My first thought is to take both of them and let hungry pitt bull dogs bite them all over. Then stop the attack just short of death.Next we should let every sick sex offender and serial rapist have at them until they are almost dead. Then we should set them on fire a little at a time and let them die slowly. Then when they die,they can go to hell and have a family reunion with they daddy the devil.And still....that doesn't seem punishment enough.
And for the previous charge of aggr sexual assault of a child...The parents of that child should go to the him out...and blow his brains out when he walks out of the jailhouse. This sick bastard needs to burn in hell!!!!

I feel as if the parent's killed ther child in that manner, then they should get life, and the death penalty, and killed the same way as they done there own child.. Let them suffer and hurt like that preciuos little girl did.

I hope they get Life without Parole or the Death Penalty cause who kills their own kids are sick and it's crazy.

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