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Park trash in Longview

Thursday, May 24, 2012 - 8:04am

Statement from City of Longview concerning parks:

"The Parks and Recreation Department has a certified playground inspector on staff that inspects each of the playgrounds at the large parks once a week, and inspects the playgrounds at the smaller neighborhood parks every other week. Also, park crews clean litter and trash from the parks usually multiple times per week, depending on the usage of the park.

The City of Longview strives to provide a quality park system for the community, as has been evidenced by many of the improvements and projects that have taken place at parks throughout Longview in recent years.

Vandalism and litter are problems that impact the entire community, because these are community properties. When someone vandalizes a park or litters, it hurts the park users and it hurts the tax payer.

Taking care of the parks is really a community effort, and not simply a "City staff" concern. Everyone can help by not littering, by helping pick up litter when they see it, by reporting vandalism or other park concerns, and by reporting any inappropriate behavior. Please report park maintenance concerns to the Parks and Recreation Department at 903-237-1270, and report criminal activity to the police department.

People can also help volunteer formally by Adopting a Park or participating in an organized park improvement project."

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