Parking etiquette, bad parking in Tyler

Parking etiquette, bad parking in Tyler

POSTED: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 6:36pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 10:42pm

The way people park can drive some of us crazy. We are taking a look at driving etiquette in one East Texas city.

Taking a cue from KNUE 101.5 FM radio station's website dedicated to pathetic parkers.

KETK drove around tyler to hear what East Texans think about bad parking.

KETK came up with the idea of just how bad some driver's can be

"Some people are in two parking spots to try to alleviate from hitting their cars, if I have a really nice car I don't want some banging my door," says Alan Kirkland of Tyler.

Some East Texans say, well if you don't want to get scratches and dents then park far away.

Folks in Tyler tell us, there are some things that just get to them.

"It really bothers me when they're parked in handicap and they're not handicap," says Don Truel of Tyler.

"I really didn't appreciate that this man had taken a spot that was designated for me," says Rachel Schaeffer of Tyler.

Wait a second what does she mean?

"I was about 9 months pregnant I had a shopping cart full of groceries and I saw a man pull out of the expectant mother's parking space a single man with no baby no pregnant wife and he had been parking in that spot," says Schaeffer.

Another thing that just drives people crazy is when people parking too close.

"Sometimes the spaces are that way and you can't help it, but if the spaces are large leave a little room and I'd appreciate it," says Truel.

KNUE 101.5 FM Radio's website did a spread on bad parking.

"To take up more than one space and to get out of their car and throw the door open and not be considerate of the car beside them," says Barbara Miller of Tyler.

Unfortunately, you can't get a parking ticket for bad parking on private property unless you're parking in a handicap space without a handicap parking permit.


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