Pastor David Wilkerson's funeral held today


POSTED: Monday, May 2, 2011 - 5:54pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 23, 2011 - 11:02pm

Family and friends gathered in Tyler Monday to mourn the death of 79-year-old pastor and writer David Wilkerson.

During his life, Wilkerson ministered to young drug addicts and gang members in New York City and started Time Square Church there.

Many know him by his best-selling book "The Cross and the Switchblade," which was made into a movie.

Last week, he was killed in a car crash off Highway 175 near the Anderson County line, and now many East Texans say they will miss his heart of gold.

Pastor Wilkerson is survived by his wife and four children.

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He will be sorely missed! I had the opporunuity of working with him and his mother in the late 60s. She directed a Christian Coffee House in New York City at the time. Heaven is today a much richer place!

I greatly admired Pastor Wilkerson and condolences to those who will most miss him.
I felt a sense of shock at his death but even more a sense of betrayal--that i only heard it days later from a reference to one of your news stories. Somehow, the national media seemed to think it was "not news". Thanks that you did.

Truly a Man of God... He will be missed.. Dick and Helen Kraft, West VIrginia.

I have received David Wilkerson's sermons every three weeks- for many years. As a writer and preacher he was unique. On each reading of his sermons, it was as though he had written it for me. When he visited Melbourne Australia about 6 years ago, I was privileged to see and hear him. I will never forget his simplicity, humility and spiritual authenticity. I have never met one quite like him. Heaven has received one of its greatest assets.
Ken Walker

Thee Honorable Dave wilkerson.... What a powerful voice sent from God, when he spoke (backed with God's annointing) he spoke right to my heart with conviction he helped to make it easier to serve God.
I too want to thank the Lord Jesus for sending this man though just for a little while. I still have many of his tapes to listen to.

I am suprised to learn of the passing of such a valiant man of God. David's book, "The Cross & switchblade and his album called "The coming persecution" were both powerful influences on my walk with God. I read his daily devotionals and will surely miss this wonderful man. I pray that his son recieved his mantle. May God bless and keep his family in the palm of his hand. Bill Casey Sr.

From the time I was a little girl and first read Run! Baby, Run! and the Cross and the Switchblade, David Wilkerson has impacted my life to want to live for Jesus! He was truly one of the greatest men of our generation! He will be missed but his legacy lives on in his children, who are also serving faithfully in the Kingdom of God!

May the GOD of all comfort give peace and renewed strength to Sister Gwen and the Wilkerson family. I pray the driver of the truck be granted full recovery and the grace and love of Jesus Christ be with him as well. Here in North Carolina I and others are very thankful for God's gift of truth,hope,grace and love through this dear family and ministry.I will continue to pray for the LORD's grace and presence to be realized like never before to you dear poeple.

Rev. Davie Wilkerson played a huge role in the development of my christian faith. I give the Lord thanks for the dedicated life of this man of God. Sherry Lynn, author, "Chocolate Pudding and The Holy Ghost".

I will miss Pastor Wilkerson's newsletters every month. They have inspired me to go on and has given me so much hope at just the right time. He is truly going to be missed. My prayers go out to his wife and children who I understand have been fightng battles for years also. I love you all and for all your years of dedication to our Lord.

i had the priviledge of attending brother dave's twin oaks leadership academy outside of lindale in the 1978-79 class. what i learned and experienced there has never left me; a tribute to an excellent discipleship had by all who were students there. he never did things halfway. it was all or nothing. truth be told, i've never found anything close to the body in action since then, though i am ever longing for it. may God cushion his family's pain by His grace and fathomless comfort.

I will always remember David Wilkerson and feel so sad when thinking of him and his family. My heart is with his wife and family. I met David in 1966 when I went to TC to kick my habit. He took me to a crusade and had the oppurtunity to testify at his meetings. I had never heard about Jesus setting drug addicts free from drugs. So I honor and have the highest respect for him for being obedient when God called him to do the special work of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost.

I will miss his insight in the letter he sends out each month. He is going to be remembered in our family as a true man of God with a pastors heart for all he reached out to. May God give comfort to his family in this time of need.

The Church in Uganda will always remember David. Our hearts and prayers are with the family.
Apostle Alex Mitala

Two books I read after I came to know Jesus were the Cross and the Switchblade and Run Baby Run. I have heard both David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz speak in reallife and they both had a such a great impact on my life. My husband and I have spent 20 years helping drug addicts and prisoners. The books and movie are awesome and to see what God has done with Teen Challenge too is awesome, so many have been set free and healed through Jesus. David will be sadly missed but we'll meet in Heaven.

Beloved Wilkerson family,(and for others to know)
I bless Christ for Pastor Dave; I was saved under his preaching on Jan 29,89'. Went to TC, served on staff;(my wife also served 25 years@ TC). We have been serving in ministry as a team in the NH prison system. I personally have had the privelege and honor of sitting under DW for several years, have privately met with him many times- NOTHING but the LOVE OF CHRIST was in Daves' heart. A true man of character,integrity,obediance to GOD! amc

As I am trying to pen a final note to Rev. Wilkerson's oldest son Gary, Christian believers throughout the world know that Rev. Wilkerson's ministry was focused to countless numbers, featuring the lowliest and most depraved of mankind. His ministry transformed millions of lives and personified the grace of Christ Jesus the Lord. Although I suspect the service was small, this scale reflected how little Rev. Wilkerson thought of himself while demonstrating the infathomable love of God to all.

A man of vision & passion for God and God's people has been suddenly snatched away by God. Pastor Wilkerson has deeply touched my life (though I never met him, except through his books and the movie "The Cross & the Switchblade"). His book, THE VISION, is a wakeup call for the entire world & I strongly recommend it to all. I am saddened by Pastor Wilkerson's tragic death but there is life after death. Deepest condolences to his wife & family. I pray his wife will recover soon.

Rev. Wilkerson impacted my life very much, and I wish I had met him. His book "The Cross and the Switchblade changed my life, and the life of my children. I will never forget him and Nicky Cruz. I would like to get more books written by him and Rev. Cruz.

Praise JEHOVAH; Brother David in CHRIST JESUS will B missed. Have never met Pastor David. But, what I have read about him over the years; he`ll be missed around the world. P.David, touched so many lives. I wonder if the car accident was done by some evil person/s to get rid of him? as David was a mighty Warrior for JESUS CHRIST. When Many MIGHTY Women & Men of JEHOVAH are fighting the +devil+, he'll use evil folk to destroy them by any evil way he can. JESUS Bless U all & Pray Psalm 91 Always

Whenever I was going through a trial, I would read Pastor Wilkersons devotions and newsletters and it was just the encouragement I needed. It was no accident, I knew God was speaking through his writings. He was a true pastor and evangelist and he has changed my life. I am know going on 18 yrs as a Christian and much of my growth is attributed through studying and listening to Pastor Wilkerson. I am so grateful and look forward to meeting him in heaven one day.

I received the Lord after watching the movie The Cross and the Switchblade. I will miss his ministry and such a powerful man of God. He truly had a heart for souls.

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