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Thursday, March 15, 2012 - 4:50pm

Call it the perfect storm.
The state is out of money for primary or higher education.
That means sky high tuitions and parents wondering where the money will come from.
But one state system says, it can produce not only graduates, but employed ones.
The Texas State Technical College System has four campuses across the state.
Headquartered in Waco, they provide training in a variety of technical fields, but not a four-year degree.
Mike Reeser is the Chancellor, and he has proposed something radical.
Right now, the state provides funding based on the size of your enrollment.
“The legislature began inquiring of higher ed whether performance based funding was something that could be considered,” he told KETK. “For TSDC, we found it a compelling option since our entire mission is aimed at putting people to work in high skilled jobs. So we were intrigued by the notion that allowed TSDC to be funded based on outcomes.”
That’s right, if their grads don’t get a job, the school doesn’t get the state money.
It’s pay for performance.
Now, Reeser told us this wouldn’t work for a four-year liberal arts school.
Well, Tyler Junior College offers a two year liberal arts education, but it also offers…
Technical training like it’s auto department that trains auto repair techs, or the Luminant Academy, which prepares students for the power generation industry.
Since they are half and half, perhaps a hybrid funding system would be in order.
Reeser says that’s their call, but it’s a formula that should appeal to the state and the private sector.

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