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Paying attention to trailer safety


POSTED: Friday, June 7, 2013 - 10:51pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 4:58pm

Across the state, vehicles pulling trailers drive up and down Texas roadways, hauling anything from cattle to lawnmowers.

But, there are concerns nationwide about just how safe this equipment is.

In many cases, a loose trailer hitch only leads to a minor setback in the days chores, but when it happens rolling down the highway, it can become a dangerous problem for everyone.

KETK spoke with local trailer experts, as well as representatives from a group dedicated to trailer safety and reform.

They both agree, taking that extra step to inspect

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I wish that this was not a big issue for me but since my brother was killed by a loose trailer it is! John Lotter was hit head-on by a loose trailer and the three wheel Harley Davidson they were hauling went through his windshield. I will never forget how his two little boys stood next to his casket asking why is daddy sleeping in there? Why won't daddy come out of there? The day he died a part of me died with him! This has changed so many lives! Thanks Ron for trying so hard to save lives!!!!!!

Here is the truth ....a lawmaker from Australia told me the truth...something our Lawmakers in Washington D.C. have lied to us.

We quote:

United States of America through the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) with respect to coupling requirements and manufacturers are not obliged to certify couplings. This approach is consistent with the US government’s principle of not getting involved in pre-market approval of vehicles or components."

Henrico County VA ignores trailer safety...see this..and wake up.

Washington D.C. is to blame for the loss of over 17,000 Americans...14 Cops, 2 Fireman and 1 FBI agent since 1975. Washington D.C. is to blame for over 800,000 injuries since 1988 by PASSENGER CARS THAT TOW TRAILERS...and we have the letter from Norman Minetta to Congressman Baker of Louisiana...that implicates that they do not care about children, mom's, dads, horses and property caused by defective towing practices.....and they tried to stop us.

How about this...child in the back seat...asking for her MOM to wake up? She didn't do you know why? Her head was not attached to her body.

Read the report...

then see this....

Mr. RogerDodger.....are these two parents lives so insignificant......what if it happened to your family?
Owner of trailer that caused deadly accident remains unknown

By Kirk Brown
Published Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ANDERSON — A year has passed since a detached utility trailer caused a crash on Interstate 85 in Anderson County that killed the parents of two young children.

To all who may doubt....that this in not an issue....and to Mr. Dodger...tell this parent her child's live was not important to her.
Priscilla Bruno

The death of my daughter Makayla Bruno still haunts me to this day. The pain of losing a child never goes away. There are far too many deaths and injuries caused by runaway trailers. We, the undersigned, are asking our state and federal safety officials to get a grasp on this very serious safety hazard. We do not want to lose one more love

Looks like some people have run out of something else to worry about. Get a life people.

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