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Perry book tour begins on Today


POSTED: Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 5:22pm

UPDATED: Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 7:56pm

Fresh off his election to an unprecedented third term as Governor, Rick Perry hit the road today to kick off a national tour for his new book.

Despite sweeping victories in races across the country Tuesday, no clear front runner for the GOP Presidential nomination has emerged yet.

Some are calling Rick Perry’s book tour his initial interview for the job…

Governor Perry has a new book out called “Fed Up, Our fight to Save America from Washington.” His tour kicked off today with an appearance on the Today Show…

Now, some have talked Perry up as a possible contender for the number one or two slot on the 2012

Republican Presidential ticket. Although the Governor denies he has any interest in national office, this was his answer when asked during the campaign if he would commit to serving out his term…

"I'm guaranteeing people that I'll get in there and do the best job I can for 'em as governor. I just think it's always very premature to be making a statement about what you're going to be doing two, four, six or eight years from now - I don't ever take anything off the table."

The Today Show appearance, and the book, make clear the states rights, anti-Washington territory Perry is staking out for himself.

Judging by Tuesday’s electoral results, it’s a very smart strategy.

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Do something about the states looming debt that you and thr Republican controlled legislature created. 25 billion for the next budget and that 34.8 billion dollar bond debt that we will have to pay back that we DID NOT HAVE in 2000 when you took office.

get back to Austin where your job is. Go to work and quit frogging around. We need businesses that put people to work.

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