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Perry Security Costs Go Up — Again

Perry Security Costs Go Up — Again

POSTED: Friday, March 30, 2012 - 6:20pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 1, 2012 - 10:08am

by Jay Root

Gov. Rick Perry’s presidential odyssey ended in January, but the bills for the security force that protected him on the campaign trail keep pouring in, boosting the pricetag to almost $3 million so far.

The Department of Public Safety released new figures Friday for the travel expenditures incurred by his security detail. The department added more than $900,000 to the amounts it had previously released, accounting for travel vouchers that were submitted since the last report about three months ago....


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perry's security tab that we are going to pay for has even made national news...some comments offered by others in the country paint Texans as chuckleheaded folks who support pretty-boy "oops" perry, though many offer sympathy to those of us who did not vote for this's a great fiscal suggestion...why don't all of you who voted for ol' perry and were so excited about the prospect of him becoming POTUS foot the bill for his bogus run...NOW! OBAMA 11/6/2012

Every single man and woman in Texas should make it clear to this miserable excuse of a governor that we want our tax dollars spent on keeping his sorry hide safe during his bogus run for POTUS back in the state treasury and applied to schools and teacher's salaries to teach our children the truth...not the made-up "information" the state flunkies are going to feed our kids in the classroom. Perry fleeced all of us who pay taxes in Texas and we should demand he reimburse the state immediately!!

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