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Perry vetoes texting while driving bill

Perry vetoes texting while driving bill

POSTED: Friday, June 17, 2011 - 5:30pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 - 6:04pm

AUSTIN — Texas Gov. Rick Perry vetoed 23 bills Friday, including legislation that would have outlawed sending or reading text messages while driving.

Lawmakers approved the texting ban last month, but Perry called it an "overreach" and "government effort to micromanage the behavior of adults."

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Most people who are texting while driving are not adults...they are teens who are multi-tasking in their cars...not only texting, but chattering with friends in their car, singing, talking on other cell phones, etc. How many young people need to die before the message sinks in...anything, ANYTHING that distracts one from driving a 2,000+/- pound car should NEVER be done while driving!! The blood of even one more teen who dies while texting/talking on a cell phone is on perry's head.

Sounds like a parent problem, not a government problem.

Parents need to take the responsibility of teaching their teens and young adults how to drive safely. Enroll them in safe driver courses, talk to them, show them videos, etc, and take away their "toys" when they don't abide by safe driving practices. It's not Perry's fault that the young drivers are too stupid to refrain from texting and talking while driving. It's their own fault if they crash and are injured or die, nobody else's.

NONE OF US APPRECIATE BEING CALLED continues to be the MO of those who are bitter about about stopping the name calling!! As for parental responsibility...totally agree...guess Tyler parents either haven't thought of taking the "toys" away or will have their heads in the sand until one of their children either wraps their car around a tree or takes someone else's life while texting or jabbering on the cell. Ticket ALL cell/texting drivers with BIG fines!!

Is perry completely NUTS? Does he have any clue regarding the number of accidents, mostly fatal, caused by texting? This man is beyond belief, not wanting any government entity to do anything to safeguard anyone from anything...he is a disgrace to Texas, his party, and each and every one of us!! To even think this fool could lead this country in any direction but down is highway deaths continue in part because of his disastrous veto to texting while driving.

You're kidding, right?
Pick a number of how many deaths occur due to texting... it'll be wrong! Just depends on who's counting!
If the government keeps on gaining control of our actions, pretty soon we'll have no freedom and they'll look to control our thought... hmmm, thinking Weimer maybe they are already taking steps.

The government cannot safeguard anyone from anything, we have to do that for ourselves by driving safely and courteously and by following the traffic rules. You can pass all the laws you want to, but if people don't obey them, you haven't protected anyone. People have to step up and be self-responsible. We need to quit blaming everyone else for our mistakes and the mistakes our kids make. Kids need to be responsible drivers or have their driving privileges taken away by their parents.

Gov. Perry needs to actually get behind the wheel & drive around Austin for an hour or two. That's probably enough time to witness how bad the whole texting while driving situation is.

I suggest Perry driving around Austin would prove nothing. There are probably more accidents due to fat than texting.
And thinking while driving is probably the most dangerous pastime; well, except for not thinking at all.

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