Picking the best summer watermelon

Friday, July 12, 2013 - 7:04pm

Fruit and vegetable stands across East Texas have everything from tomatoes to potatoes, but it seems the item most customers are looking for are watermelons.

Farmers have been busy preparing these fruits since as early as April, but some say this year's lack of rain has made growing difficult. Owner and farmer of Buckley Farms, Tim Buckley says even with the less than perfect conditions they probably grew "about seven or eight acres" of watermelons.

To pick out the perfect melon, some stand owners say looking for a "pig tail" or a "yellow belly" will help do the job. They say the best choice to go with is the "slap test". The slap test is performed by thumping or slapping the melon. If a melon is ripe it will make a dull sound but a green watermelon will have a hard sound.

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