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Pipeline through Lake Palestine will supply North Texas


POSTED: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 6:45pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 11:45am

The Dallas Fort-Worth area increasing in population and their water department have their eyes on one of our East Taxes Lakes, which is why they've been working on a new project.

The Dallas Fort-Worth area needs water from Lake Palestine.

The project IPL known as the Integrated Pipeline Project costs more than $2-million dollars and will start construction in early 2014.

The project is to build a 15-mile pipeline which will run from the Dallas Fort-Worth area lakes to Lake Palestine.

"As Dallas is in the area of increasing population they will be needing that water supply for future growth, this project will provide water for 1.6 million and continue to support businesses in our area," says Kathy Berek.

The City of Dallas and the Tarrant Regional Water District have been working on the Intergrated Pipeline project for years and are working on supplying the lakes for future growth.

KETK spoke with Kathy Berek, Director of Special Projects with IPL and Tarrant Regional Water District,

Berek says, the pipeline will provide water for 1.6- million people in North Texas and save the Dallas Area some money.

"So instead of having to construct two different pipelines, or instead of having to pump from two different pipelines... have multiple pump stations for each agency it substantially saves both in capital and operation costs," says Kathy Berek.

Some East Texans are concerned, KETK visited Lake Palestine to get their take on this project.

"If they're going to do it they'd have set guidelines and control so that people 90- miles away can't abuse our resources here," says Jason Jacobs, Dogwood City.

"I don't think it's a good idea to take water away from us and go to to other places, I think we need all of our water here, if they're going to put a pipeline in to bring water in cool, but to take it away from our area is not good at all," Kenny Umstad, Frankston Business Owner.

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Take a look at Cedar Creek lake if you want to know what to expect, it is a much larger and deeper lake than Lake Palestine and it has not been full in many years. People have boat docks that they can't even use. If you think that Lake Palestine was low last year from the drought wait until they start pumping, you will have a big mud hole.

This is a very bad idea. Check the water usage per capita for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They are not or ever have been good stewards of the water they already have. Who ever approved this needs to have their head examined. Lake Palestine struggles to hold the water it has let alone send water to someplace that has wasted / not planed very well with what it already has.

I live on Lake Palestine. I'm paying on average $75 per month for my water (that's just normal usage, no watering lawns)! And they're going to pipe it over to Dallas for them to use? And you know they won't be paying nearly that much for OUR water.

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