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Pistol packing Texas preacher offers free concealed carry classes to teachers

Pistol packing Texas preacher offers free concealed carry classes to teachers

POSTED: Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 10:41am

UPDATED: Friday, January 4, 2013 - 12:51pm

The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary has one pastor reaching out to teachers in Southeast Texas.

Lighthouse Worship Center Pastor James McAbee, also known for teaching concealed handgun classes, is offering a free class to teachers on February 2nd. McAbee says he also plans to visit area school district superintendents to spread the word.

McAbee hopes administrators will be open to the idea of allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons on campuses to protect students in case of a school shooting.

McAbee has had experience using a handgun for personal protection. 12 News interviewed McAbee in 2011 shortly after he called police from his church where he was holding two teenage burglars at gunpoint. McAbee says the two burglars tried negotiating with him, but the negotiations soon turned into violent threats.
"One of them reached in their pocket and told me that he had a gun. I said 'sir, if you pull the gun, I'm going to have to shoot you," said McAbee.

The two were taken into custody when police arrived.

McAbee says people need to be prepared.

"People think it cannot happen here, but look at that small little bitty town and it happened there. It's not a matter of if, but when. I pray there will be a teacher bold enough to take a stand and protect my little child," said McAbee.

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Time to give up any notion that we can expect to live free in this country...for those of us who do not own guns, we can now live in fear not only of the few who are mentally ill and should never have access to firearms of any kind, but also the new armed American militia that is stockpiling everything from assault weapons to handguns with mega-clip capacities. It won't be long until a "civilian soldier" in cammo is on every corner, and they assume the right to consider the rest of us suspects.

Sounds good to me!

How can we expect teachers to help and protect their students if they do not have the means to do it. If you think teachers are so dumb they cannot be trained to shoot, nor responsible enough to have a gun, then why do you think they are smart enough to teach your children?

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