Pit Bull attacks emu at Murchison animal shelter


POSTED: Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 10:47pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 30, 2014 - 11:34am

"This situation is out of control". In a video released Tuesday, neighbors of the Murchison animal shelter, "Happy Tails", recorded a Pit Bull attacking an emu. In the video, these neighbors had to fire a shot gun in order for the dog to release the emu's leg. 

In this case of alleged animal hoarding, the shelter is home to more than 100 dogs, 2 horses, 2 emus, a donkey, and numerous chickens and cats. Neighbor Karen Krueger said, "They'll have two dogs in a small pen and many times, if you've got near the fence you'd notice you know no water". 

Due to the large number of animals, insufficient kennel space can allow the animals to escape, and roam. Which is how the Pit Bull began attacking the emu. Krueger questioned, "What would have happened if, you know, we hadn't been home? And then we looked and there was another pet out". 

Krueger believes there are other problems with the animal's living quarters. Her husband, Jeffrey Krueger, said, "The horses aren't, from what we can see from here, hardly getting any food. They're pushing our fence down trying to get the grass in our yard". The sewer line running through the donkey pen is also a concern. Krueger explained, "There is a sewer line on top of the ground that is broke open and running on the ground. We can smell it from our house here". 

PETA has been contacted, and neighbors hope they will help the situation. Stephanie Bell, the Cruelty Case Director at  PETA, said, "We are deeply concerned about the allegations and we are actively investigating".    

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Do people know how to read? A dog got loose and attacked an Emu. Does anyone care about the Emu? Now a local newspaper (her friend) wrote an article saying Happy Tails was reported for the animals not being fed or cared for. Let's see the PETA report, police records, & pictures. I want to see the entire story. And the animals lovers are threatening the neighbors? So they love animals and hate humans? No animals were hurt, yet she has a huge vet bill from this? Something doesn't ring true

I have been in the neighborhood twice. Although I have not been on the Happy Tails property or seen the condition of the animals, the sound of the hundred or so barking dogs is UNREAL! I would not WANT to go near the property because of it. I don't know how the neighbors can sleep or even think with all the noise. A rescue facility should not be in a residential neighborhood.

The rescue is in the county and has been there for 5 years.

I have a pit bull that I adopted from happy tails... she is a healthy well adjusted dog.... she came with all her shots and even gave her boosters when I got her... I have been to happy tails... I have seen the animals.... they are VERY well taken care of.... these allegations are false.... made by angry non animal loving neighbors. ... channel 56 needs to print a retraction and an apology to happy tails for printing lies without even talking to happy tails!!!!

P.E.T.A did their investigation today.and reported to me that the allegations against happy tails are found to be false, that all animals are healthy and well cared for and I was asked to keep up the good work.

P.E.T.A did their investigation today.and reported to me that the allegations against happy tails are found to be false, that all animals are healthy and well cared for and I was asked to keep up the good work.

Great news as expected - P.E.T.A visited Happy Tails with an investigator. Told them with what he could see all the accusations against the rescue were falsely filed against them and there was nothing to worry about and to keep up the good work.

To adress the Emu's condition The Sheriff and myself checked over the bird. No bites not even a scratch. Sheriff also noticed no dog tracks leading up the the emus area only human shoe prints.

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The pipe on the ground has been pulled a part, by a human. There is nothing flowing it the pipe it is drain project that has not been completed.
Sheriff Dunnington investigated took pictures and stated all the animals were healthy and met all requirements. Horses & donkey are grained twice a day andgiven hay. Happy Tails has a farrier that comes out regularly. I'm very concerned about the neighbours feeding my horses they are on special diets.
Happy Tails also have a regular Mortons

It wasn't the neighbors' responsibility

So, neighbors- Pitch-in, quitcher Bitch-in....

i have worked with this rescue for years and i can tell you, the animals at this facility get the best of care. I am out there all the time and the animals are fed, the horses are fed (i deliver hay and feed out there). This whole story revolves around a disgruntled employee and neighbors setting her up for sabatoge. If you had the time to video it, it could have been prevented.

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