Planned Parenthood back in Women's Health Program, for now

Planned Parenthood back in Women's Health Program, for now

POSTED: Saturday, May 5, 2012 - 9:17am

UPDATED: Sunday, May 6, 2012 - 2:47pm

Planned Parenthood is back in the Women's Health Program — at least for now — after a federal appeals court lifted an emergency stay Friday, ending an eventful week in the state's on-again, off-again bid to cut funding to the organization.

In an order critical of the way state lawyers presented their case, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said no emergency existed to support its stay, granted shortly before midnight Monday.

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This kind of stuff makes the GOP look dangerously kooky. Coupled with all the c-c-c-c-razy stuff they are doing in all the state legislatures across the country, they are truly engaging in a war against women.
They are alienating everyone except the kooks.

DON FOR PRESIDENT...AFTER OBAMA'S SECOND TERM, THAT IS!! Let's see if any of the angry redneck men of East Texas (as in charles or rollinson) come out of their rat holes and bash the man with the facts...if they do, Don, hit them again with fact upon fact...Obama WILL win a 2nd term, given the dispicable candidate the teavangelical/repub/conservative wingnuts are running. willard mitt is a dangerous man who doesn't have a clue about anything!! BRING IT ON, charlie, rolli!!

-Texas Republican Lawmakers Voted To Restrict Health Services To Low-Income Women. In March, "conservative Republican lawmakers" in Texas implemented a law that would "cut off clinics with any affiliation to a[n abortion] provider, even if it's just a shared name, employee or board member."
Keep it up GOP. All you're doing is digging your own grave.

-WI GOP Gov. Scott Walker Repealed Law Aimed At Preventing Gender Wage Discrimination. On April 5, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker repealed a law "that made it easier for victims of wage discrimination to have their day in court."

- Two-thirds of the elderly poor are women: GOP write Bill to CUT funding for employment services, meals, and housing for senior citizens.
- If elected Romney vows and pledges to Cut Funding for Planned Parenthood.
- GOP voted for a Amendment to cut all federal funding from Planned Parenthood health centers.
- GOP Write Bill to Provide Contraception for wild horses but ENDS all Federal Funding

- GOP write legislation that would let hospitals allow a woman to die rather than perform an abortion necessary to save her life. (Kansas/Arizona)
- GOP write law cutting ALL funding for low-income kids saying "Women should really be home with the kids, not out working (Maryland)
- GOP Cut Funding for Head Start, by $1 Billion.

- GOP Keeps stalling Violence Against Women Act
- GOP change legal term for victims of rape, stalking, and domestic violence to "accuser"
- GOP write legislation that could make it legal to murder a doctor who provides abortion care. (South Dakota GOP)
- GOP write legislation to cut nearly a billion dollars of aid to low-income pregnant women, mothers, babies, and kids.

- Every GOP member voted FOR Blunt/Rubio Anti-Women's Equal Health Coverage Amendment.
GOP Sen. Roy Blunt Introduced Amendment That Would Have Allowed Any Employer To Deny Reproductive Health Coverage To Women. In March, Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) introduced an amendment to a highway funding bill that "would have allowed not only religious groups but any employer with moral objections to opt out of the coverage requirement."

The GOP keeps on stating there is no war on women.
Let's look at the facts.
-GOP-Led Indiana Legislature Voted To Eliminate Funding To Planned Parenthood
- Every GOP Senator voted AGAINST Equal Pay for Women Act
- Every GOP Senator voted AGAINST Al Franken's Anti-Rape Amendment

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