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Police are reminding drivers to 'Move Over' to save lives


POSTED: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - 5:43pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - 7:06pm

Several hundred officers have lost their lives after being hit by cars that were too close to them during traffic stops or working accidents.

All 50 states have adopted the Move-Over law that requires drivers to move in to the far lane from emergency service workers on the side of the road. Still, distracted drivers have continued costing officers their lives.

The Tyler Police Department has been fortunate enough to have not lost an officer to this type of accident, but they’re still trying to get the word out about moving over. Despite the law going into effect more than 10 years ago, some drivers are still unable it even exists.

Officer Don Martin of the Tyler Police Department told us the specifics of the law. Drivers should move over into the far lane and if they are unable too, they should slow down to 20 miles less than the posted speed limit. He said drivers tend to get more distracted by their police lights at night and without realizing it, swerve closer to the officers. They’re asking everyone to adhere by the law and give them and road workers the buffer zone they need to complete their jobs safely. Officers with Tyler PD get specific instruction on how to keep themselves safe from distracted drivers by using their patrol cars as buffers and never standing in between the patrol car and car that’s been pulled over.

In 2011, the law added that drivers should adopt this policy for TX-Dot trucks and tow trucks as well.

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