Police investigate multiple burglaries at Cambridge Apartments


POSTED: Monday, November 29, 2010 - 6:58pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - 2:38pm

Over Thanksgiving break, Tyler police say there were multiple burglaries at Cambridge Apartments. 

Cambridge Apartments--across from UT Tyler--are independently owned, but many college students live there. Tyler police tell us they have at least five burglaries and a robbery under investigation, but they haven't finished counting yet.  Don Martin with Tyler police says, "Apparently the suspects went under the assumption that a lot of tenants went home on Thanksgiving holiday, so they forced their way in when no one was home."

The apartment manager--who spent her day trying to calm worries from students and parents--says there were security guards on duty during the break, but it was only at night.

UT Tyler students tell us they also say many students who live at Cambridge Apartments are trying to break their lease.

Tyler police believe all of the burglaries are related, and they say the suspects could be facing a felony charge.

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Just to clarify there were 2 break ins at Varsity. One had the door kicked in and nothing taken. The other had a tv taken. But they had security out alot.

The Reserve Apts have not been broken into, just wanted to clarify for the record.

This sort of thing happens where ever college students are. Even if the college students themselves are good kids, their friends aren't always. And robbers, tend to be your friend of a friend who came to that party last month.

I agree, I dont think its a cambridge issue. It's a issue that has been going on in the Tyler area for awhile.

With all due respect TammyKan, we got absolutely nowhere with the management at Cambridge. For some reason, their explanation of the "problem people" was to blame it on "gangs" of students from TJC, and people coming into the property drifting behind others through the security gate. I found that very hard to believe about problems coming from TJC students. It is difficult to call security for backup when the minutes on their prepaid cell phone have run out and weren't refilled for 3 days.

My son lived at Cambridge for two years ending in August of 2010. There were multiple problems at the complex regarding security and shots fired, and people running amok through the complex courtyards. We contacted management and even the owner several times and problems were never addressed and certainly never got resolved. I am so thankful my son no longer lives there. It is not a safe place to live.

I heard that their was 27 apartments broken into at University Pines and even some at Varsity Place and The Reserve. Obviously this side of town needs more cops to patrol......

The management should be allowed to discriminate. The University needs to raise their standards for enrollment and not just allow anyone with financial aid into the college. Today's youth are way too immature for University. Too many that should have been left behind are polluting the higher education environment and the properties surrounding UT Tyler.

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